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Telephone/Telecommunications Support
Ref No.: 18-00830
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Must be a US Citizen who currently possesses a Secret Clearance.

Telephone/Telecommunications Support
The client manages, operates, monitors, and maintains Telecommunication Infrastructure/ Wireless circuits and interfaces with experienced network personnel in unclassified environment.

Manage and maintain USAID's VoIP, or IP telephony, systems at Washington Metro Area facilities.
  • Perform programming changes on Cisco VoIP systems and call manager systems
  • Troubleshoot Cisco VoIP issues, including coordination with support contractors where interfaces are involved
  • Install, reconfigure, patch, and uninstall components
  • Manage, operate and maintain Cisco VoIP infrastructure and Client systems
  • Support standard and customized calling features currently deployed telephony systems. Process and coordinate requests for telephony service changes in a timely manner
  • Provide service dispatch and repair services when telephony incidents are escalated from the Service Desk
  • Review and document usage of telephony services as provided by the VoIP systems
  • Decommission telephones and shut down telephony service when requested for employees or business units
  • Support reconfiguration of VoIP management systems to support moves, adds and changes to telephony services based on average of five Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) per day and a maximum of 10 MACs.
  • Support VoIP communications system maintenance and trouble calls, which include voicemail reset, number changes, and remote equipment inquiries
  • Execute traffic analysis studies to verify the telecommunications system operates at peak Maintain performance with minimal blocking of calls within the switch and to locations outside of the Voice gateways and trunks

Remote Access/Mobile/Telework O&M Support
  • Provide customers and business units with mobile computing support and remote access to IT services using Remote Secure Access (RSA) solution integrated with Citrix VPN servers supporting 2000 concurrent USAID users with 8000 total
  • Provide access for GFE-approved mobile computing devices
  • Provide guideline to protect restricted data on mobile devices
  • Manage, configure and enforce mobile device security policy
  • Monitor spyware and viruses in real time on approved mobile devices
  • Maintain multiple Blackberry Enterprise Servers and others mobile devices
  • Troubleshoot Citrix connectivity issues
  • Document the Mobile Provisioning Process
  • Facilitate the Mobile Provisioning Process
  • Identify internet traffic requirements needed to support mobile computing services
  • Maintain mobile computing infrastructure in compliance with supporting vendor requirements
  • Maintain information about mobile computing configuration items and maintain accuracy and availability to others
  • Provide consulting services and support for release package testing, installation, deployment and operation of mobile infrastructure devices
  • Provide troubleshooting and technical support services for the mobile computing devices utilizing Citrix VPN.
  • Coordinate, schedule, implement and test mobile computing components patching and OS upgrade to Citrix VPN servers/appliances

Telephone/Telecommunications Deliverables
VTC Usage Report-Monthly
WAN/LAN Telephone Trouble Ticket Report-Monthly

Telephone/Telecommunication Assumptions
The planned activities and deliverables for this task area are based on the following assumptions:
STG Video Bridge is certified.
IBM will support VTC Training via Tier 0
VoIP call manager is capable of providing call account statistics such as trunk utilization and calls being dropped due to high utilization of trunks.
System/Server Operations and Administration