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LAN/Wireless LAN Support
Ref No.: 18-00829
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Must be a US Citizen who currenlty possesses a Secret Clearance.

LAN/Wireless LAN Support
The client assists USAID in optimizing its Local Area Network using a combination of existing and new tools, process and skills to best support USAID's business objectives. Using expertise and best practices. The client helps USAID prepare Local Area Network Operations to support new business processes, applications and technologies, through assessments, strategic reviews and actions roadmap. This service focuses on improving network availability and performance, as well as reducing operational expense.
LAN/Wireless LAN Support Tasks

The table below delineates specific LAN support tasks.
  • Provide network administration of LAN/Wireless LAN components at USAID/W locations. Specific support functions include the following:
  • Respond to escalated incident reports and trouble tickets related to LAN components in accordance with defined SLAs
  • Track the deployment of LAN devices (to include serial numbers at the component level) consistent with defined asset management practices
  • Monitor LAN devices to identify failures and perform necessary corrective actions to restore service

Coordinating with vendor and third-party maintenance providers to troubleshoot LAN/Wireless LAN devices, replace faulty device components, and provide on-site support, where appropriate:
  • Document and maintain standard configurations for LAN devices and validate that fielded device configurations remain consistent with the standard configurations
  • Coordinate configuration changes via the defined CCB process Monitor LAN device firmware patches and upgrading releases, assessing the impacts of implementation, and apply these releases in accordance with the defined Configuration Management (CM) process
  • Monitor and track the performance of LAN devices on a regular basis and document relevant trends. Recommend LAN device configuration (both hardware and software) changes to respond to performance trends
  • Verify that LAN device security settings are configured in accordance with enterprise security guidance. This includes access control, port, and protocol settings
  • Respond to security violations in accordance with defined security response procedures
  • Manage the operation of the IP switched/routed LAN. This support includes, IP address assignment and management, path selection, Monitoring LAN device security logs, identifying and ascertaining the nature of potential security violations, and, protocol configuration, route table maintenance, and alternate path mechanisms
  • Provide cable plant maintenance services, to include installation of new cabling and troubleshooting of existing cable infrastructure.
  • Support and maintain continuity of operations of current Developer Network (DEVNET) / Labs Collaborate with Application and Architecture teams on evolving DEVNET/Labs needs

LAN/Wireless LAN Deliverables
Network Capacity Management Report-Monthly

LAN/Wireless LAN Assumptions
The planned activities and deliverables for this task area are based on the following assumptions:
  • The facility coordinator at USAID locations will provide access to network closets.