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Network O&M and Administration
Ref No.: 18-00828
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Must be a US Citizen.

Network O&M (NOC) Services
Operate and manage the USAID Network Infrastructure. Support functions include communications transport monitoring (e.g., VSAT, DTS-PO, VPN, and SONET Ring) as well as the devices that terminate communications links. Team client provides network administration of LAN and Wireless components at USAID/Washington (W) locations and "core” (primary LAN switch) at Mission locations. Team client will provide remote support local Mission IT staff for LAN components, including Wireless. We also manage and maintain USAID's voice over IP, or IP telephony systems, at Washington Metro Area facilities and monitor and manage networks used by software development teams, PPL test lab and ILAB.
Perform services based on the ITIL v3 methodology

Network Monitoring and Management (LAN/WAN/NOC) Services
  • Operate and maintain networking operational infrastructure with numerous communications components such as routers, switches, Wireless Access Points, Domain Name Servers (DNS), VPN and WAN optimization appliances, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) modems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Multimedia Communication Server (MCS) and Video Teleconferencing (VTC)
  • Participate and respond to incident and problem support activities escalated from the Tier 1 Service Desk
  • Investigate, diagnose, and take prescribed actions on networking events, alarms and incidents
  • Monitor networks for service quality on a daily basis
  • Maintain operational logs and journals on networking events, warnings, alerts and alarms, recording and classifying messages
  • Maintain networking data collection procedures, mechanisms and tools
  • Maintain configuration management control of managed network devices
  • Support routine network maintenance tasks performed by third party maintenance providers for the network components, and perform testing in accordance with a check list of each component type prior to accepting the component as operational
  • Maintain networking infrastructure equipment according to policies and recommendations and perform regular checks on environmental equipment and conditions. Consult Engineering and Security to define network security schemas
  • Coordinate with transport providers on the availability of communications links (communication transport)
  • Monitor the status of communications links, identify outages, and coordinate with service providers to restore service in the event of outages
  • Monitor the bandwidth utilization and availability of communications links against defined timeframes and recommend and coordinate configuration changes in accordance with Enterprise Architecture guidance to optimize network performance (e.g., bandwidth optimization, allocation)
  • Maintain and support the security configuration of network devices (e.g. shared use of common network devices such as routers, switches, wireless access points, VPN and WAN optimization appliances and other network components as listed in Exhibit K) that maximizes USAID enterprise network security, while permitting required network operations
  • Manage, operate and maintain Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) Secured VPN connectivity through Local Internet Service Providers, Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office (DTSPO) and VSAT
  • Monitor Ultravailable Network (UVN), VSAT and other transport services with respect to the agency-negotiated service agreements and SLAs.

Network Tier 2
  • Provide Tier 2 support resolving network incidents escalated by Tier 1 based on data captured/collected via our tools infrastructure
  • Provide Tier 2 level investigation, diagnosis, and resolution of reported network incidents
  • Escalate incidents and requests that cannot be resolved within agreed timeframes or within capabilities of Tier 2 to Tier 3 Network support
  • Coordinate with vendor and third-party maintenance providers to troubleshoot network devices, replace faulty device components, and coordinate providing on-site support with deployment team
  • Provide troubleshooting and technical support services for the networking infrastructure, IP addresses and naming services
  • Communicate and coordinate resolution of incidents to the designated solutions provider
  • Support Root Cause Analysis of critical issues

Network Engineering Services (Tier 3 Support)
  • This service provides WAN/MAN/LAN/Wireless Tier 3 support services to support USAID users at Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) locations
  • Use performance tools to capture and analyze application and circuit utilization data to resolve network performance related incidents
  • Provide network tuning procedures and methods to analyze, resolve, and document performance bottlenecks in the enterprise network and delineate the relationship between the applications and the enterprise network during problem resolution
  • Redesign inappropriately sized LANs, Wireless LANs, MANs and WANs including VSAT to resolve network bottle necks. Advise USAID of circuit and device acquisition recommendations for implementation
  • Respond to incident tickets escalated to Tier 3
  • Analyze monthly collected network traffic that VoIP and VoIP is effectively supported through proper configuration of network devices and prioritization on WAN/MAN and Voice trunks
  • Analyze monthly collected network traffic data to produce circuit utilization report
  • Analyze monthly collected Video Teleconferencing (VTC) usage data to produce VTC usage report
  • Analyze monthly collected call accounting data on the Trunks including percent of calls being blocked due to high utilization
  • Support Root Cause Analysis of critical issues
  • Support planning and Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) migration activities
  • Assess viability of deploying a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in support of USAID Missions
Network O&M and Administration Deliverables
Deliverables Due
Network Operations and Availability Report-Monthly
Circuit utilization report-Monthly
Quarterly Network Device and IP Phone Count-Quarterly

Network O&M and Administration Assumptions
  • The planned activities and deliverables for this task area are based on the following assumptions:
  • Network circuits are provided by USAID.
  • NOC administrators work with Mission locations desk side support personnel for touch labor as needed to assess network component failures; for example, power cycling the failed component or reading aloud data on the LED panels on the component to NOC staff.
  • Network Administration demarcation at the managed services facility ends at the WAN router.
  • Network Administration at USAID Mission sites ends at the "core” switch.
  • Installation of new cabling includes installation of new patch cords to replace failed ones between operational network components. Other cable installation requests are processed as a Task Order Modification Request (TOMR).
  • USAID to provide all relevant network documentation with administration access to USAID managed network devices in scope.
  • USAID will provide administration access (read only) to network devices managed under USAID managed service, and Mission devices managed by local site administrators.