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NLP (Natural Language Processing) SME
Ref No.: 18-00646
Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Must be a US Citizen who currently possesses a Public Trust (or better) clearance.

Position Description
Assists client in the selection, implementation and support of the integrated solution that includes Advanced Analytics, Natural Language Processing and / or other Cognitive Computing technology components. Requires a combination of consulting skills and integration experience with Analytics and Cognitive components to pull together holistic business solution for the client. Applies Watson solutions and offering for successful client transformation. Has a good knowledge of Watson technology stack, and in-depth knowledge of Watson solutions. Must have the appropriate mix of functional and technical expertise for successful application to package solution to business problem. The nature of the work will include elements of integration, enterprise consulting, compliance and quality assurance, inspection, research design, and statistical and evaluation skills.

Required Skills
•High Proficiency in Object-oriented programming skills to include, at minimum, Python (3+ Years);
•Proficiency in code automation, performance testing, and optimization in Python, spanning unit and integration testing;
•2-3 years of experience with Machine Learning and Text Analytics to include: feature extraction, statistical approaches, clustering techniques, classification techniques, neural networks and model testing and performance;
•Experience with OSS NLP tools such as: NLTK, OpenNLP, sPacy, Textblob, gensim etc.
• Experience with Watson Developer Cloud, with an emphasis on Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Classifier;
•2-3 years of experience in text parsing and unstructured data engineering techniques, including regular expressions;
• 2-3 years of experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques including text similarity, classification, topic modelling, POS tagging, entity extraction, and word embedding;
•Experience with database technologies including MongoDB and MySQL;
•Experience using GitHub for version control and source code management;
•Working knowledge of IBM Cloud services, with an emphasis on IBM Bluemix.

Preferred Skills
•Experience with application deployment using IBM Bluemix

Provide primary job duties:
The NLP main job duties are as follows:

JD#1: Code Automation, Performance Testing, and Deployment
JD#2: Natural Language Processing (text parsing and modeling)
JD#3: Machine Learning (feature extraction, statistical approaches, classification techniques, and model testing and performance)
JD#4: Integration of Watson Developer Cloud APIs
JD#5: Database and User Interface Integration
JD#6: Presenting Technical Information

Job Duty 1 with % of time - 50
Job Duty 2 with % of time - 20
Job Duty 3 with % of time - 10
Job Duty 4 with % of time - 10
Job Duty 5 with % of time - 5
Job Duty 6 with % of time – 5