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Ref No.: 16-15744
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
A suitable contractor will possess these technical, organizational and communication skills:
1.Oracle SQL, PL/SQL expert
2.Oracle Forms expert
3.Ellucian Banner baseline tables, forms, SSB, process knowledge sufficient to match user requirements with baseline capabilities to utilize baseline solution when it is a good fit.
4.Business analysis/design, customer communication skills to secure customer confidence and sustain customer buy-in as project progresses.
5.Skills/experience to build bolt-on functionality in Banner 8 architecture including new tables, packages, procedures, forms, SSB pages, workflow, use of baseline APIs, etc., where warranted.
6.Skills/experience with Banner Student module. Ability to build custom Banner interface which will collect and manage Law Grades independently of baseline, and then roll those grades into academic history so they conform to requirements of grades reported via baseline grade reporting.
7.Experience with Argos reporting for Banner sufficient to build an Argos Data Block for Argos reporting off of the newly customized Law objects in this project.
8.Wisdom to discern when baseline is best and when a sustainable mod is best.
9.Project planning skills sufficient to keep customer on-track providing requirements or testing feedback needed to keep project on track, including: Ability to schedule and run a meeting, ability to monitor and communicate to-do assignments to customers and to coordinate technical support tasks with other Banner SIS developers, DBAs, SysAdmins, etc.
10.Ability to develop a set of baseline and custom processes that are well documented, with abundant process turnover to both Law College functional users and Banner SIS technical support.
11.Ability to provide a turnover report that identifies on-going support – strengths and weaknesses. I.e., based on implementation experience, where can we anticipate support issues and what can we do to minimize those going forward.