Ref No.: 18-00364
Location: Minnesota, Minnesota
Start Date / End Date: 06/04/2018 to 06/07/2019
Title: Azure SME
Location: Minnesota
Duration: 1-2 years. 
Candidates must be local as in-person is a MUST

This company owns many Microsoft products as part of its technology portfolio. The county has an overall cloud strategy to move from on-premise infrastructure and development environments to Hybrid and Cloud based infrastructure. Microsoft's products fully support this transition, and the county has adequate licensing to get started, and ITRM is already well into this transition. However there is an education, training, and experience gap in some of the development teams. With training and mentoring of our existing development teams, there is great potential for greater agility and much faster delivery times, while simultaneously reducing the need for on-premise infrastructure and resources. 

We would like to bring in a consultant with experience assisting teams in developing web applications in a Azure hybrid environment. This person would split their time between training development teams on the fundamentals of the Azure development platform and immediately applying this training by assisting them in the development of several "prototype” e-government applications. 
1.     Scope of services/description of work to be performed 

Mentor Development Teams on the following topics, as appropriate (50%):

These topics were selected from the following Microsoft courses:MSL-20532, MSL-20533, and MSL-20487
·        Compare services available in the Azure platform. Overview of IAAS, PAAS, and SAAS offerings available in Azure.
·        Have a good understanding of Office 365 and Sharepoint online, and how they can be leveraged by developers.
·        Overview of the Azure Portal and resources.
·        Understand Development tools. Describe locally installed versions of Visual Studio on Windows 10 and Visual Studio Online.
·        Be able to inform and educate developers about Microsoft Graph. Explain its function as the single endpoint for all Office 365 and SharePoint Online services, including: Azure AD, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and, OneDrive for Business, OneNote, Excel Services Online, etc.
·        Understand how to configure and deploy ASP.NET web applications.
·        Understand how to Create Azure Websites from the gallery.
·        Understand how to deploy and monitor Azure Websites.
·        Describe the relationship between Cloud Services and Virtual Machines.
·        Understand how to Deploy existing Cloud Service packages.
·        Overview of Azure storage options, and database options: Create and manage a Storage account; Manage blobs and containers in a Storage account; Create, configure and connect to SQL Databases instances; Create and manage data connections to on-premise data sources; Identify the implications of importing a SQL Standalone database.
·        Understand how to manage users, groups and subscriptions in an Azure Active Directory instance.
·        Understand integration of on-premises Windows AD with Azure AD.
·        Understand Azure virtual networking options for connectivity to on-premise resources.

Mentor Agile Development teams in creating high value "prototype” Azure applications as proof-of-concept examples for rapid future development (50%):
·        Create responsive web applications for a new Human Services citizen self-service portal. Create similar web applications for employee self-service, and business partner collaboration.
·        Convert a backlog of legacy Adobe LiveCycle applications to modern responsive design web applications.
1.     Specific skills/experience required: 

Good working understanding of on-premise Microsoft Infrastructure technologies
·        Good general understanding of Azure Services and Azure portal.
·        Good general understanding of Office 365 and Sharepoint Online.
·        Good understanding of Windows Server Fundamentals, preferably Server 2012.
·        Good understanding of virtualization technologies such as virtual machines, virtual networking, and virtual storage.
·        Good understanding of Active Directory fundamentals
·        Good understanding of Microsoft SQL Server fundamentals, SQL queries, and database schemas.
·        Good understanding of networking and DNS fundamentals
·        Good understanding of working in a hybrid on premise/Azure cloud environment.
1.     Project deliverables:
·        Assist development teams in completing several Azure-based web applications. Integrate appropriate training into the team's Scrums and backlogs as needed. Examples include:
o   Convert several legacy PDF based online forms to modern responsive design web apps.
o   Convert several legacy on premise .Net apps to Azure cloud apps.