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C#, Visual Studio, Unity - Tech lead/ Sr. Developer
Ref No.: 17-01905
Location: Irving, Texas
Start Date: 08/22/2017
A lead developer is a software developer that has stronger technical skills than a senior developer. A lead developer may not yet be at the technical level of an application architect and/or does not yet demonstration holistic and long-term approaches to application development.
- Strong background with Microsoft platform development: Visual Studio, SQL, MVC.
- Ability to work within Enterprise constraints (established environments, platforms, etc)
- Understand that many Enterprise constraints cannot or will rarely change.
- Ability to work within pre-defined Enterprise and application architecture frameworks.
- Ability to follow technical guidance and direction provided by application architect.
- Strong working knowledge of application architecture frameworks used in our environment.
- Recommend enhancements and assist architects with maintaining frameworks.
- Recommend enhancements to coding and development standards.
- Familiarity with standard software design patterns (singleton, repository, façade, etc)
- Strong-to-advanced knowledge of C#
- Strong-to-advanced knowledge of MVC, Entity Framework, Unity.
- Strong knowledge of UI development (jquery, bootstrap, json, etc)
- Demonstrate a clear understanding of SoC (separation of concern).
- Strong knowledge AND practice with coded Unit Tests (and/or test driven development)
- Strong knowledge of SQL (basic admin, T-SQL/sproc development, performance tuning, etc).
- Development diversity – ability to develop a variety of application types such as: web applications, web services (SOAP, WCF, REST), console applications, desktop applications, or SSRS reports, etc.
- Ability to solve complex problems with a lasting solution (not a temporary fix)
- Ability to leverage application framework and scaffold new domain objects for an application and expose them through various application layers.
- Assist application architect with architectural design and enhancements for an application.
- Ability to guide and/or mentor senior developers with daily development tasks.
- Demonstrate self-motivation and the ability to work with minimal supervision following documented and clarified requirements.
- Ability to question requirements that could dramatically change an application or are likely NOT to provide value.
- Thoroughly understand the impact that any code change will have on an application.
- Team player, but self-motivated with the ability to complete tasks within agreed upon deadlines without supervision.
- Ability to lead and assist other developers to completion of project, delivery goal, etc.
- Assists/mentors other developers and performs occasional code reviews to ensure long-term stability and maintainability of applications.