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Socio Tech Specialist
Ref No.: 18-13562
Location: South San Francisco, California
Title: Socio-Tech Specialist
The Socio-Tech Specialist directly consults with COMPANY business leaders in guiding their organizations through the change and adoption from working in traditional offices, plants and labs to new work environments. The position is also accountable for supporting the evolution of the overall social and tech adoption strategy and platform (including processes and tools) that is leveraged at the project level.
This new position reports to the Head of Adoption & Engagement in the Neighborhood Work Environments organization within Workplace Effectiveness. The mission of this team is to serve as the consulting arm for the socio-technological practices to accelerate organizational as well as manager and employee readiness and adoption for these new environments and ensure these groups can work more flexibly, collaboratively and with a stronger sense of community in their new environments
Some of these new environments for office settings have been prototyped and are being "scaled” to employees on the SSF campus and within the COMPANY network. Other environments for office, lab and plant settings are in initial research and prototype stages and will need new approaches and strategies for working with these leaders and their employees.
The Socio-Tech Specialist provides organization development, change management, and tech readiness assessment and adoption expertise as a project core team member with partners from Human Resources, IT, Design & Construction, and Scenario and Space Planning. These are client-facing, cross-functional project teams that focus on the design and adoption of these new environments. In this position, the individual will provide coaching and advising to Executives (primarily Sr. Directors and VPs) who act as sponsors and client leaders on all scale and prototypes projects. These projects include client groups across COMPANY in offices, labs and plant environments, as well as COMPANY Pharma and Diagnostic sites upon request.
The Socio-Tech Specialist requires excellent listening, influence, and thought partner skills (including composure, practical wisdom and ability to communicate and present with impact). This position also requires change management leadership and executive presence with the ability to engage stakeholders and facilitate decisions around Readiness and Adoption strategies and team agreements to enable new ways of working.
Specific responsibilities include:
Practice Lead (Program Level)
  • This position will have responsibility for a practice lead area.  Areas could include: technology adoption, working flexibly, team effectiveness, ethnography and research, etc.
  • Evolve the strategy, toolkits, and processes in partnership with the Head of Adoption & Engagement and platform managers for their respective practice lead area. Serve as consulting resource to head of Neighborhood Work Environments and Sr. Director Workplace Effectiveness on topics related to their practice lead area.
  • Bring leading, innovative socio-tech work practices that are a fit with the COMPANY culture. Integrate best practices and continuous learning across projects as a Center of Excellence, particularly in their practice area.
Project Level (all projects)
  • Serve as the socio-tech lead from Pre-initiation through Sustaining with a focus on building engagement, readiness, and adoption.  Customize the Readiness and Adoption Strategy to fit the leadership style, culture and communications/work practices of the Business Sponsor and Client Leaders.
  • Structure the internal teams and core teams to ensure effective stakeholder engagement and an efficient and effective process from pre-initiation through sustaining.
  • Partner with Program Managers/Delivery Specialists and Client Core Team members to ensure organizational readiness and adoption of technology and new ways of working is weaved effectively through the lifecycle of the project
  • Design and facilitate with the business sponsors, client leaders and HR leads the key activities such as the org readiness discussions, key work practice workshops, tech assessments, stakeholder readiness assessments, and manager readiness sessions to ensure organizational alignment and surface potential challenges in adopting new ways of working
  • Identify work practices that require a focus on adopting new collaborative meeting tools and applications to enable teams to work better together and individuals to work more productively
  • Develop and implement a detailed Communication & Engagement Plan to facilitate awareness and build skills to support flexible working in a network of places and adoption of new technologies
  • Design and facilitate selection of Neighborhood Advocate Team and support Advocate Lead to ensure clarity and effectiveness of communications and engagement activities
  • Partner with Client Core Team to develop pre-move agreements and Working Flexibly guidelines that act as a baseline for behaviors and norms in the work environments; facilitate post-move feedback sessions to determine opportunities for improvements in how teams can work together more productively and utilize space and technology more effectively
  • Leverage strong project management capabilities and ensure NWE standards and processes are being followed.  Communicate "Lessons Learned” at the end of each project to support ongoing program improvements
Education, Experience, Knowledge and Skills:
  • Experience assessing readiness to lead change and consulting/advising particularly in making the shift from traditional to more collaborative work environments. Has experience consulting with employees moving into new types of work environments and adopting new tools and new ways of working.
  • Track record of influencing and gaining credibility quickly at both the senior leader level and within the organization. Effective at identifying strategies and practical solutions to overcome resistance to change and facilitating discussions to generate solutions that reflect client ownership and integration of diverse points of view.
  • Strong business acumen, strategic mindset, and systemic thinker.
  • Gifted relationship builder and facilitator. Anticipates human behavior and can navigate with organizational savvy, particularly where there may be sensitivity about ownership or preference to abdicate responsibility.
  • Outstanding presence. Trusted for character and substance of their expertise. Skilled at presenting complex and/or new ideas with clarity and simplicity to executive and broad employee audiences. Exceptional at anticipating needs, innovating, and thinking creatively "in the moment”.
  • Understands people practice/HR implications (including areas of performance management, employee relations, leadership effectiveness, talent attraction and culture) and partners extremely well with HR leaders.
  • Facile in using and promoting technology to facilitate team collaboration, including knowledge of collaboration tools; understands IT implications (including areas of tech innovation and strategic roadmap, meeting experience, and virtual communities) and partners extremely well with IT leaders
  • Skilled with crafting communications for executives leading change—and brings expertise developing agenda designs and targeted content that resonates with a range of audiences for employee and manager meetings. Facilitates meetings, even with challenging audiences, with ease.
  • Can strike a balance between operating flexibly and bringing process and structure to enable consistency and scale across all projects. Orients towards an organic versus rigid approach to managing change.
  • Education: Masters in Organization Development, Computer Science, or Change Management preferred with at least 7+ years of "on the job”  experience advising and/or consulting in mid-size or larger biomedical or high tech organizations, ideally in workplace effectiveness, IT, and design and construction of innovative solutions.
  • This position is not eligible for relocation.