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Tissue Culture Lab Technician
Ref No.: 17-00286
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Start Date: 02/06/2017
The customer is a biology-based drug discovery lab consisting of 90 – 100 scientists conducting plate-based pharmacology, histology, imaging, electrophysiology and microbiology. The lab is divided into central, core facilities and separate lab benches assigned to scientists. Core facilities include Dispensary, Tissue Culture, Plate-based Pharmacology, Histology, Molecular Biology, Primary Cell, Electrophysiology, Imaging, Western Blot and Gel Electrophoresis. Tissue culture services to be provided under this scope of work include the following:
  • Weekly culturing and maintenance of a variety of parental, immortalized mammalian cell lines to be available to supply researchers' requests.
  • Ensuring cell lines don't exceed maximum passage numbers and maintaining overlapping passages to ensure availability of desired cell types at all times.
  • Filling orders for specific cell plating requests to support screening efforts with either standard parental lines from above or specialized screening lines (flasks, 96, 384, 1536-well plates, MatTek dishes etc.)
  • Sporadic support of new cell line generation. This may include:
    • Screening plates for single cell clones
    • Expansion of identified clones for analysis and screening
    • Freezing clones for storage.
  • Filling requests from researchers to freeze cell lines for storage or for assay-ready cell vials.
  • Fulfilling requests to generate lab-scale cell paste for binding assay support
  • Maintaining a local frozen cell bank to ensure vials are available at all times for major parental strains.
  • Harvesting tissue from animals (largely rodent brain) and dissociating and plating for primary culture (specialized training will be provided for animal handling, dissection, cell dissociation and culturing).
  • Provide a monthly mycoplasma testing service (PCR based) to support the scientist community