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Ref No.: 16-02731
Location: Piscataway, New Jersey
Start Date: 10/19/2016
Building Superintendent
Aequor Homes is seeking for a building superintendent to oversee several office buildings. This candidate will be responsible for managing overall building maintenance, resolving tenant issues, maintain permits and renewals. The superintendent will also coordinate with all vendors. Additional responsibilities include the following:
Cleaning & Inspections: When a building turns over or becomes vacant it must be inspected and cleaned promptly. A preliminary building inspection should be undertaken during the first week of the last month during which the tenant is vacating and minor repair and/or maintenance items completed by the Superintendent noted and damages or major repair items noted and brought to the attention of the President.
Minor and routine repairs and maintenance, both in the building and interior and exterior, are the responsibility of the Superintendent. This would include general and minor repairs, and electrical and plumbing repairs. Those items which require the use of an outside trade are to be brought to the attention of the President.
Lawn and Ground Maintenance: The property must be kept clean and free of litter and debris at all times. Grass cutting, trimming, gardening and watering must be carried out regularly and as scheduled.
Snow Removal: All entrances, paths, sidewalks and stairways must be kept completely clear of snow and ice.
Maintenance of Fire Safety Log: It is the Superintendent's responsibility to be familiar with the fire safety plan for the building, maintain the weekly and monthly checks and tests and the proper completion of the fire safety log for the building as per the Fire Safety Code.

Must have essential physical and mental capabilities in the following:
Interpersonal skills, attention to detail, follow directions, comprehension, calculating, reading,
Writing, organizing and innovation. Valid Driver's license required.