Previous Job
SI Network Administrator
Ref No.: 16-01605
Location: Austin, Texas
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 06/21/2016 to 12/31/2017
Active directory Administrator/ Engineer
Account Creation – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
Group Membership Issues – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
Access to Resources (file systems, servers, etc.) - Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
Password Questions/Issues – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
File System Security – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
Departmental Migration to Active Directory – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
Group Policy Creation/Troubleshooting – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 
Data Migration to existing File Systems/File Servers – Application Services (TS-Windows Servers) 

Domain/Tree Replication – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
Directory Services Issues – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
Domain Trusts – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
Domain Controller Hardware and OS Support – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
Requests for Servers (Application/File/Database) – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
Requests for Additional Space for Existing File Systems – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
Data Migration/User Creation for Departments on New File Systems (Celerra/New File Server) –UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers) 
DNS Resolution – UCC (TS-UCC/Windows Servers)
Additional Requirements  
The Technical Engineering role is specialized in the following towers / practices: Managed Infrastructure Solutions; Applications Operations; Network & Communications; Cross Functional; Open systems environments; etc. • Ability to understand the technical requirements and provide value-added solution(s). • Ability to operate end-to-end solutions based on solution modules / building blocks • Deep knowledge in the state of the art in the respective technical domain. • Good knowledge of DCS Portfolio within in the respective technical domain. • Experience in technical specifications according to employed technology.