Research Associate - CA
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Research Associate - CA
Ref No.: 16-00968
Location: San Diego, California
Start Date: 04/13/2016
Analysis and purification of a range of samples using an array of HPLC/MS instrumentation in the time-frame that is needed to provide results to the project.
Perform high throughput purification of small molecule libraries.
Perform HPLC method development independently.
Troubleshoot and maintain HPLC, HPLC/MS, UPLC/MS, and other analytical instrumentations routinely.
Assist at building new laboratory informatics tools.
Will be expected to prepare and complete organized and clear data reports for project. teams.
Will be working in a multi-disciplinary and fast-paced environment.

The successful candidate must have:
Minimum 4 years of expertise in the field separation sciences with emphasis on analytical and preparative HPLC, HPLC/MS technique.
Extensive experience in HPLC and Mass Spectroscopy method development.
Working knowledge of modern analytical and purification methods.
Experience with small molecule, regio- and diastereomer separation and purification.
Strong knowledge of troubleshooting HPLC,HPLC/MS, UPLC/MS, and other analytical instruments.
Experience with chiral chromatography and high-throughput assays are a plus.
High level computer skills required.
Expertise with analytical instrumentation is required (Waters, Agilent and Shimadzu analytical and preparative HPLC and HPLC /MS, Tecan, Genevac).
Familiarity with MassLynx, OpenLynx, Chemstation, LC Solution is desired.
Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills is desired. In addition, we are looking for a scientist with a positive attitude with excellent collaborative and Team-oriented skills.
Be able to manage and deliver on several project deadlines concurrently.
BS in chemistry or analytical chemistry is required with a minimum 4 years of analytical laboratory experience in the industrial setting.

Keywords: analytical chemist, purification , informatics