Scientist Discovery Support
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Scientist Discovery Support
Ref No.: 16-00889
Location: Cambridge Kendall Square, Massachusetts
Start Date / End Date: 04/05/2016 to 04/05/2017
Required Skills:
molecular biology (cloning and mutagenesis)
protein and cell based ELISA
transient protein expression
protein purification
cell culture

We are seeking an research scientist to join the CTI-GBT group in our antibody-based therapeutic discovery efforts. The successful candidate will be responsible for lead selection and optimization to develop various immuno-oncology therapeutic modalities employing molecular biology, biochemistry, structural modeling and antibody engineering skills. The candidate is expected to contribute to more than one therapeutic program in parallel, design and execute antibody screening and engineering campaigns employing advanced biochemistry and cell biology techniques and assess therapeutic intervention employing appropriate antibody modalities.

The candidate will be responsible for:
1. Developing, optimizing and executing high throughout binding assays (ELISA, Octet) for screening antibody panels.
2. Optimization of antibodies and alternate formats to fit the biology using antibody engineering techniques
3. Developing cell based assays to characterize hits and leads for binding to Fc receptors and targets expressed on primary cells, assessing effector functions utilizing various sources of effector cells, retargeting tumor cells to different immune cell types and measuring cytotoxicity.