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Ref No.: 15-00465
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 07/01/2015 to 07/31/2015
This is a CADD operational support position with major responsibilities in the
development, production support, and user training of the FDOT CADD software
applications used by FDOT and consultant engineers statewide.
Assists with the development, testing and distribution of software updates, procedures
and workflows for FDOT utilization of Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D, and the standards
used in FDOT CADD production processes. Assists in the development, testing,
packaging of ECSO software releases, specifically the FDOT State Kit for Autodesk
AutoCAD Civil 3D. Assists with the development of standard operating procedures for
using the software products in production. Assist in the testing of vendor releases of
Civil 3D and related utilities used by FDOT.
Assists in writing technical specifications and end-user documentation for the FDOT
State Kit software. Also communicates with vendors and consultants concerning
development and production problems with CADD software systems and assists in
mitigating, resolving, and documenting those problems. Helps the FDOT and vendor
software developers by writing clear and complete technical specifications for new
development. Reports the activities and progress to FDOT management as requested.
Assists with the testing and evaluation of speculative software, including performance
and compatibility evaluation in order to make recommendations for applications
considered for either purchase, upgrade, or development by FDOT or acquisition from
Attends conferences, technical seminars and working sessions to acquire knowledge of
trends and other developments in the CADD. Shares this knowledge with peers and
periodically prepares reports concerning developments in the industry. Periodically
prepares and delivers training sessions either at conferences, technical seminars or
working sessions, which might also be conducted remotely wit technology like
1. CADD End-User Support: Supports the user with daily operation of the core
CADD software, primarily Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Answer support calls in a friendly and helpful manner.
Respond promptly to support calls.
Provide a mitigated solution to the problem.
Log all support calls into the designated Problem Logging System.
Prepare a written executive summary of end user support activities,
issues resolved and accomplishments as requested.
Confers with users to establish and define their specific CADD
needs, especially for fixes and enhancements to Civil 3D.
Participate in local and statewide user group meetings and
technical advisory committees in order to provide the end-users
with new presentations of important Civil 3D topics.
Visit districts, as necessary, to support the use of Civil 3D and/or
related processes.
2. CADD Software Development and Maintenance: Help enhance and maintain
Civil 3D applications for design and plans preparation by maintaining data and
support files for Civil 3D and the FDOT State Kit. Help define application
development needs. Provide technical input and functionality guidance for
applications being proposed for development. Help maintain deliverable files and
projects in the Subversion (SVN) version control software as defined by the
ECSO office.
Complete assigned development and maintenance tasks for CADD
software within the assigned time frame and check results for accuracy
and completeness.
Prepare a written summary detailing software development and
maintenance activities as required.
3. CADD Application Collaboration and Coordination: Assist other CADD
Support Specialists with the testing, evaluation, documentation, development of, and
distribution of the Autodesk Civil 3D application and the FDOT State Kit for Civil
3D. Provide documentation for enhancements, bug fixes and the development of new
applications to ensure the needs and goals of the Department are met. This includes
writing specifications, preparation of benchmarks, and being able to coordinate,
support and report on these activities.
Participate as an effective Team member in the in evaluation,
maintenance, and support of software and its end-users.
Participate in group discussion and reviews.
Provide a written reports of software evaluations. Prepare written requests
for enhancement needs and coordinate the request with the manager or
vendor contract and the supervisor.
Perform periodic reviews of existing procedures for the core CADD
applications and report findings.
Modify appropriate documents of CADD procedures and/or coordinate
needed changes to manuals including collaborating with those responsible.
5. CADD Knowledge Transfer: Prepare and deliver training for the FDOT State
Kit and Civil 3D. Assist writing the training materials and courseware including
preparing for workshops for the software. Assist in the development of the enduser
software help files. Improve end-user competence through personal
assistance, coaching, workshops, classroom training and other innovative methods
of delivering knowledge. Review training material provided by vendors.
Assist with the development and delivery of training materials,
workshops and presentations as required.
Improve quality of user instruction by listening to needs expressed
in user groups, evaluations, TACS and other meetings and
implementing requests.
Update and improve help documentation and training manuals
regularly as the software applications change, including the
development and maintenance of the help systems for those
Provide evaluations of training materials.
Pursue development of innovative knowledge transfer techniques
such as development of knowledge bases, Wiki's, FAQ's, and
standard operating procedures.
Employment location will be at the Engineering CADD Systems Office on the third floor
of the Haydon Burns Building at 605 Suwannee Street, Tallahassee, Florida.
This position will be full-time (40 hours per week). A flexible schedule is allowed where
the employee may work a varied weekly work schedule if desired (such a 4 x 10 hour
days). Once scheduled, the employee is expected to keep regularly scheduled hours.
Should a need arise that the schedule needs to adjust, ECSO management will be
consulted to approve the adjustment.
The employee may use his/her contracted holidays and other leave options as provided.
The employee is expected to not abuse leave privileges. The employee is expected to
keep a predictable work schedule, although flexible time is available.