Previous Job
Web Applications Programmer
Ref No.: 15-00464
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Start Date / End Date: 07/01/2015 to 07/31/2016
This position is a highly technical one, involving the development of Engineering and web based
applications. The position requires developing in AutoCAD Civil3D, MicroStation VBA,
MicroStation MDL and must have a working knowledge of the Visual Studio suite of
development tools, including development using Web based Tools such as SharePoint,
SharePoint Designer, Microsoft Expression Web and databases such as SQL Server. Many of the
applications developed and supported by ECSO are AutoCAD, MicroStation and Microsoft
The position requires the ability to develop Engineering and Web based applications with all
Engineering disciplines supported by the Engineering/CADD Systems Office along with
knowledge of the attributes of a contract set for Florida Department of Transportation plans is
also strongly desired. Many of the applications developed will be devoted to delivery of plan
sheets by FDOT standards.
The position also requires the knowledge and experience of engineering concepts, terminology,
principles and analytical techniques of a civil engineering specialty area, along with the ability to
learn very quickly, and keen understanding of the workflow processes of the Engineering/CADD
Systems Office.
Provide ECSO with on-site assistance in the development, maintenance, enhancement, and
support of core CADD, .NET, SharePoint and Web applications at the FDOT ECSO. This
includes assisting in integrating and combining many engineering/CADD software applications
and support procedures.
Enhancing existing CADD and engineering applications and processes
Developing, maintaining and publishing integrated engineering/CADD software products
for use in the statewide engineering/CADD production environment
Assist in coordinating, supporting, and standardizing web-based Computer-Aided
Drafting and Design (CADD) utilization by the Florida Department of Transportation
Provide ongoing development programming, enhancements, maintenance and support to
mandated ECSO's Electronic Delivery CADD Applications Suite
Provide ongoing development programming and enhancements, maintenance and support
for ECSOs SharePoint Portal System
Provide Web Author duties - which includes ongoing site maintenance, implementation
& support for ECSO's Internet and Intranet web environments for CADD related
products and information
Providing ongoing research, discussion and recommendations related to new capabilities
and features of new technological advanced for ECSO related business needs
Knowledge of Utilizing and integrated suite of engineering/CADD software including
AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D, FDOTC3D Electronic Delivery State-Kit,
MicroStation, ProjectWise
Knowledge of programming in Visual Basic, C# .NET and experience using Microsoft
Visual Studio
Knowledge of configuring AutoCAD Database Inspector Tool
Knowledge of AutoCAD's ObjectARX .NET project setup
Knowledge of utilizing AutoCAD Data Extraction API with .NET to gather drawing
entity data
Knowledge of the concepts, terminology, principles and analytical techniques of a civil
engineering specialty area
Knowledge of the Department's CADD systems and design standards
Skilled in the implementation and deployment of AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D
related applications
Understanding of AutoCAD Civil 3D Sub-Assemblies.
Skilled in AutoCAD macro programming tools
Skilled in customer service
Ability to analyze and interpret engineering data
Ability to solve problems relating to engineering
Ability to apply engineering quantitative techniques
Ability to plan, organize and coordinate work assignments
Ability to communicate technical and engineering information effectively, both verbally
and in writing
Ability to interpret FDOT CADD end user problems and offer solutions
Ability to effectively document and communicate CADD solutions to end users
Ability to design configurations and customizations for CADD systems
Ability to provide technical assistance and support to customers and FDOT district
support personnel through the telephone, email, and with web collaboration tools like
Knowledge of programming in Visual Basic, C# and ASP .NET and experience using
Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.
Experience implementing web-based applications using the ASP.NET MVC Framework
Ability to Define and Design user-interfaces required for methods of data input and
Knowledge of developing technical specifications and software development projects by
adhering to established methodologies while continuously analyzing processes for
improved performance and adaptability.
Ability to develop test scripts and conducting unit testing.
Knowledge of Visual Source Safe and Tortoise Subversion source code version control.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others
Ability to develop training resources and provide end-user training
Participate in limited travel as required to attend meetings, training, and support
Excellent command of HTML, CSS, JQuery & JavaScript
Responsive Web Design experience using Bootstrap & LESS front-end scripts
Ability to design SharePoint master page implementation, and demonstrated ability to
develop and execute creative UI designs within the SharePoint environment
Experience with SharePoint 2013, 2010 and Office 365
Extensive experience with SharePoint Designer
Solid Experience with Client Object Model, Server Object Model and SP Web Services.
Experience with SharePoint deployments in Intranet, Extranet and blended models.
Extensive experience in building solutions with SharePoint, including the following:
o Site layout, design, navigation
o Content types
o Data View web parts
o Content By Search web parts
o Display Templates
o Dashboards (including Excel Web Services)
o Workflows
o SSRS and SSIS deployment using SQL Server 2008 R2
Ability to setup and configure virtual machines for Sandbox Solutions development
Solid experience in developing the site pages for the Department's Internet and Intranet
for end users (customers) to obtain information
ProjectWise: The Engineering CADD Systems Office (ECSO) is investigating the use of
Bentley's ProjectWise Document Management System to host projects, design files, and
models in the Cloud. This initiative will allow for easier access to design data and the
sharing of that information with all interested parties. The use of ProjectWise will also
allow both MicroStation Bentley-based and Autodesk-based files to be managed from
a single location.
I am currently working as a part of the CADD Applications development team on
implementing ProjectWise customizations. This will require custom programming of the
ProjectWise environment for the integration of FDOT CADD production tools and
workflows. The current programming language for ProjectWise (C++) is an older
technology which most programmers are no longer familiar with. ECSO CADD
Applications developers will develop .NET class libraries that wrap and document this
older technology with current up-to-date programming technologies so that applications
can consume these wrapped class libraries.
Sheet Set Organizer (SSO): Completed work on the Sheet Set Organizer application
which is a part of the Electronic Delivery Software Suite (FDOT Civil 3D State Kit) for
the Civil3D platform. The Sheet Set Organizer (SSO) is a CADD related application
written in Microsoft .NET that remotely controls and interacts with AutoCAD via the
ObjectARX and .NET API. SSO provides comprehensive project-level management of
AutoCAD Sheet Sets, Sheets, and Layouts used in creating a complete plan-set. Sheet
Set Organizer is an alternative to MicroStation's SheetSet Navigator that allows the
user to display, edit, plot, and save changes to multiple Sheets contained within one or
more Sheet Sets through a single interface.
*SSO will require continued enhancements and improvements as future versions of
AutoCAD Civil 3D are released and downstream components changes.
Civil3D Workflows: Ongoing work on redesigning, refining and maintenance of the
FDOT Civil 3D State Kit system's workflow based on continuous production release
changes. As a result of these changes process steps within the workflows will need to be
updated accordingly; as the existing workflows were primarily used for earlier releases.
My role is to:
Develop basic workspace for Functional area workflows for Electronic
Workflow re-assessment to include new and missing items
Workflows (Project creation, edits, etc.)
Ensure updates to videos & documentation
Ensure lists of (and web links to) relevant standards and guidelines are
updated and accessible
Ensure index page searching and content mapping are functional
XSLT Quantity Manager Reports: Completed work on customizing XSLT
MicroStation Bentley Quantity Summary Reports for ECSO's support team.
ECSO Time\Task Management and Reporting System: The Time and Task
Management and Reporting System is a SharePoint Application system is an information
resource system; which helps automates ECSO's organizational time management
policies. This system utilizes the equipped capabilities of the SharePoint platform and its
related technologies. The Time and Task System also augments and comprises of two
stand-alone applications:
Task Mapper: The Task Mapping application is a means of recording the daily
task activities of an employee. It is facilitated by a windows desktop application,
which is a front end client that a user (employee) interfaces with; to record their
daily task. All accumulated task hours should add up to their daily work hours.
Clock In-Out: Clock In-Out is a simple time utility application which allows for
off-hand monitoring of employees on premise whereabouts and times for
accountability purposes.
*Continuous maintenance is need as ECSO business needs changes.
ECSO Website Redesign: Completed work on the redesign and migration of all site
content to new FDOT web design 'look and feel' and design standards. *Continuous
maintenance and optimizing of ECSO's Website environment based on department's
design standards and changes.
ECSO SharePoint Portal Site: Completed the migration of ECSO SharePoint Site off
ECSO's servers and on to the Central Offices servers. *Continuous maintenance and
optimizing of ECSO's SharePoint infrastructure based on department's platform
Bug-Lite Issue Tracker: Completed work on implementing an issue tracking software
"Bug Lite for ECSO. This application has the potential to provide a single source for
reporting, assigning, fixing, and releasing support issues ranging from simple user
questions to advance multi-developer application issues.
Microsoft Lync for ECSO: Drafted a recommendation document that covers the
utilizing of Microsoft Lync for ECSO. The purpose of this document is to highlight the
high-level features of Lync and to pinpoint the productivity benefits ECSO would reap
from its usage. *Future integration of Lync for the ECSO is highly anticipated.