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Software Engineer V
Ref No.: 15-00105
Location: Denver, Colorado
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 01/26/2015 to 06/30/2015
We are seeking a qualified consultant to provide senior level Informatica development and business analyst services to support our Metrics project. The project develops educator effectiveness reports that are designed to measure the results of the new educator evaluator systems. The reports are designed for public reporting as well as for improvement planning. For this Technical Environment the client uses Oracle databases, Informatica for ETL, and Java for EE Metrics reporting. As this information is to be provided, in most cases aggregated, we would use Informatica to extract data from the Data Warehouse and placed in data mart(s) for online queries which do not impact the performance of other queries against the data warehouse.
Required Skills; Data Modeling, Data Analysis, Informatica, Oracle, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, Project management, SQL and Development which includes experience working with end users in developing requirements, documenting technical specifications and communicating requirements with technical staff to assist in the design of the final solution.