Senior Data Security Analyst
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Senior Data Security Analyst
Ref No.: 15-00046
Location: Salem, Oregon
Start Date / End Date: 01/22/2015 to 06/22/2015
 Senior Data Security Analyst to support the security upgrades for Sustainability and MAGI projects.
Scope of Work - The selected consultant will be required to:
1) Evaluate the security stance of state and local and wide area networks
2) Recommend changes to network devices and firewalls to improve security protection and,
3) Coordinate solutions and resolve resource competition issues.
Furthermore the consultant will be required to implement:
1) Implement security technologies for the protection of information resources, and
2) Implement security measures for the protection of ETS customer data.
Additional required tasks will include:
1) Recommend solutions regarding issues of data level security in support of ETS customer business objectives, and
2) Review and implement changes to access control lists on Cisco brand firewall equipment
General Skills/Knowledge Required: The selected consultant must have a solid background in current network security technologies, system and process development methods and the use of computing resources. The consultant must have a strong knowledge of the principles of network fundamentals, operating systems, hardware standards and the impact to statewide customers. Proposals must reflect strong technical analytical skills in a secure data-center environment and the ability to explain complex technical issues to non-technical customers.
Specific Technical Skills/Knowledge:This position will primarily work on Cisco firewalls (FWSM and ASA firewalls) with minor tasks on Cisco switches/routers. We need strong expertise with Cisco firewalls. As the migration project progresses, there will be less Cisco firewall work, and more F5 Firewall work. So, although it is not the immediate need, we are seeking experience with F5 BiglP (11.5.x) -- modules = AFM, LTM, APM, ASM.

Additional required experience one or more years of current experience writing rules on Cisco firewall and working in complex environments.
Preferred certifications: CCNA, CCNP, CCNS