VB.NET / SQL Server 2012 Web Content Engineer
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VB.NET / SQL Server 2012 Web Content Engineer
Ref No.: 14-03063
Location: Denver, Colorado
Start Date: 12/29/2014
VB.NET / SQL Server 2012 Web Content Engineer
The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) is seeking a qualified Web Content Engineer to work with the Scholarship Initiative team and CDHE research and data team to execute the legislative charge of HB 14-1384 through the development of a state-wide directory and database of student support programs and scholarship opportunities that exist within the state of Colorado.
The project consists of three phases, with the first addressed in this project scope to be completed no later than March 1, 2015.
Minimum and Desired Qualifications for the Web Content Engineer I are listed below in the Qualifications Section. The following discussion provides detail on the extent of the work to be delivered by the selected candidate during the term of Phase 1.
Work will be conducted on site at CDHE offices, under the supervision of CDHE Scholarship Initiative Team.
Phase 1: Website which acts as a directory of student support programs and scholarship opportunities available in Colorado.
A.    Webpages
  1. A web form to capture program information which is then saved to a database hosted by CDHE Example of Information needs to be collected from this web form: Program name, Program Type, Mission/Vision, Address and etc…
  2. A web page includes a search function for users to search from programs  based on specific criteria from program database. Users should be able to enter search criteria on the web form.
Example of information users can search by: Address, Program name, Program Type and etc…
  1. A web page shows a map with list of programs matching the user's searched criteria. The needs are based on the information users enter in "A-II”.
  1. Database/SQL
    1. A database for storing data collected from "A-I”
    2. SQL/store procedures that can save data collected from "A-I” to database (B-I) and retrieve data from database (B-I) to show the search results on "A-III”.
  1. Design and build web pages using VB.Net with functionality specified in this Scope of Work
  2. Design and build a relational database and SQL/store procedures using SQL Server 2012 that meet the requirements in this Scope of Work
  3. Respond to questions from client in a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours
  4. Provide status updates on project completion status
  5. Final deliverables are codes for web pages and scripts for DB/tables