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Ref No.: 14-02911
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Start Date: 12/02/2014
We are looking to update an existing digital newsletter that will allow us to distribute weekly internal-only content to several global Client locations. We have an existing tool and are looking to update and expand its functionality. Some of the current features of this tool include an approval workflow, ability to export to an HTML format email in Outlook, and work from an administrative dashboard, among others detailed below.

The technical requirements to build this application
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience in working or developing applications in SharePoint 2013
  • Solid design skills, especially in layout and interface
  • Ability to work within our brand guidelines
  • Must collaborate with our IT group who manages the SharePoint server

In order to visualize the project, we have separated the overall functionality into two modules. Module One already exists; Module Two will be an extended functionality for the current application (Module One).

Module One (eNewsletter):
Existing Features:*
  • End user landing page with elements to create new content and list previously submitted content
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Content submission form
    • Ability to include links and images
    • Customize content tagged to office locations
  • Ability to maintain static content
    • < > image teasers, most-used links organized by locationApproval Workflow
    • Export button for an HTML-formatted email for Outlook
    • Save final HTML version of weekly newsletter per location
    *see attached Appendix for visual reference

    Additional requested features:
    • Fresher look and feel, still based on Client brand
    • Possibility of adding new HTML5 features, like collapsible/expandable, tabs, etc.
    • Brighter background
    • Make the final email output look like a newspaper (i.e., headlines, sections, etc.)
    • Suggest new names for sections to match the new look
    • Create images and icons for recurring functionalities (i.e., 'submit article' = images of pen + paper, 'share' = can email links to others
    • Embed a spellcheck functionality
    • Take overall full advantage of new functionality of SharePoint 2013
    • Ability to track statistics of user readability
    • Ability to create draft versions of the submission form (end-user)

    Module Two (adding content to an event calendar and a news list):
    Have one submission form (by adding fields to the existing form) that enables the user to 'tailor' content and select channels for their final output requirement(s).
    • Publish content to corresponding lists and calendar in SharePoint
    • Ability to select date of publication from a calendar widget
    • Auto populate fields based on authenticated user information
    • Limit styles to default to brand guidelines
      • Text size, colors, fonts, etc.
    • Customize image formatting with regard to channel output