Previous Job
Software Test Engineer
Ref No.: 14-02904
Location: Salem, Oregon
Start Date / End Date: 12/28/2014 to 06/28/2015
Description of Duties
Support the Testing Manager by participating in the execution of test scripts testing the functionality of various Oregon eCourt Program applications. These duties include:
  • Create and maintain testing documentation and conduct various types of system testing.
  • Under the direction of the project manager, update and maintain test plan documentation, including test scenarios and scripts, testing reports, and functionality process documentation.
  • Participate in testing activities, such as system testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, and system performance testing.
  • Provide support to the Testing project manager with establishing project goals, primary objectives and rough-order estimates. Perform on-going risk and issue assessments. Assist with determining critical success factors and document testing critical success factors.
  • Provide support to the Testing project manager with updating project budget, updating testing plan, defining testing scope, determining project tasks, deliverables, resources, estimates, and schedule.
  • Develop or aid in the development of project overviews and other required materials and related updates for submission to the Oregon eCourt Program Director and executive management providing oversight to the Oregon eCourt program, State legislature, and other entities as requested.
  • Provide support to the Testing project manager for coordination and assignment of resources (staff, facilities, and materials) as requested. Facilitate team meetings to review and distribute assignments. Ensure testing coordination with ETSD, OETO, and other OJD divisions, other state and public agencies, contractors, and the end user community.
  • Compose and/or update and maintain all written documents for the Testing project.
  • Conduct various types of system testing as assigned.
  • Write detailed documentation for results of assigned tests; prepares test evaluation reports;
  • Identify and report potential errors, questionable functions, inconsistencies and defects;
  • Write clear documentation of errors, defects and inconsistencies;
  • Submit changes with clearly detailed written description in the appropriate issue logs as directed by the testing manager for resolution by vendor based on needed corrections/modifications to application functionality as a result of testing and analysis;
  • Continued follow-up with vendor on resolution of outstanding testing issues;
  • As requested by the Testing Manager, write additional test scripts to test various functionality of assigned application.

Work skills required:
  • Daily plan, organize, and prioritize work demands in a limited time frame;
  • Strong problem solving, analytical and technical problem solving skills;
  • Daily long hours using a computer and looking at computer screens;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure ;
  • Ability to work independently and also work in a collaborative work environment;
  • Solid MS Project 2010 skills.

Work Experience Desired
A minimum of 3 years experience in:
  • Managing a project schedule;
  • Writing, updating, and managing project documentation and reports;
  • Application testing and documentation experience;
  • Writing detailed documentation of errors, defects, and inconsistencies;