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Maintenance Mechanic - Skilled
Ref No.: 18-01288
Location: Carlisle, Iowa
Start Date / End Date: 05/15/2018 to 10/15/2018
Please note that this assignment is for a direct hire placement and that the supplier is subject to the terms of their quote that was submitted for this position.

Please also make note of the following conditions and know that these are subject to slight alteration based on the quote that was submitted. The quote will ultimately supersede this posting.


The full time pay rate for this position will be $22.32/hr ST. When submitting candidates for this position, submit them at the max bill rate that is listed.

The following stipulations are agreed upon as terms of condition by submitting a bid:

• Conversion fees will be paid upon a successful completion of 45 days of employment.

o The conversion fee will not be paid if the candidate is let go due to unsatisfactory performance or voluntary resignation.

• The worker will be paid by GMI directly as an FTE during and after the 45 day probationary period and there will be no billing through Fieldglass.



1. Provide technical support and plant leadership for equipment troubleshooting, equipment modifications and preventive maintenance. Assist with contractor installations working with the engineering staff when applicable.
2. Assure that all equipment is operating safely, efficiently, and smoothly.
3. Keep down time to a bare minimum by responding to downtime immediately
4. Assure that all equipment is maintained by following a preventive maintenance program and schedule
5. Manage the PM program and perform PM tasks on schedule
6. Document all repairs
7. Investigate, price, order, and monitor inventory of parts and tools
8. Perform all electrical and controls tasks up to your ability.
9. Assure that needed tools and spare parts are readily available
10. Maintain building, grounds, and facility
11. Perform and manage larger maintenance projects.
12. Serve as a plant contact with vendors who supply mechanical work to:
 Hoists
 Forklifts
 Plumbing
 Milling equipment
 Original Equipment Manufacturers
 Machine shops.


1. Must be dependable and conscientious
2. Must lead by example, show motivation and integrity
3. Must be willing and able to interact with all levels of management
4. Must be prepared to work alone with minimal direct supervision.
5. Must have good communication skills: verbal, written, phone, computer, fax
6. Good verbal aptitude, numerical ability, electrical and mechanical ability, problem solving skills, and ability to make sound judgments and decisions.
7. Must be willing to help in non skill areas
8. Must be willing to learn new skills
9. Must follow safety and sanitation guidelines
10. Process improvement, team involvement
11. Must be willing to work overtime as required, including some weekends and holidays.
12. Must be willing to be susceptible to “24 hour on call”.
13. Ability to know and work on priorities and stay on task
14. Must be willing to access all areas of the plant (i.e., roofs, bin entry, etc.)
15. Ability to perform PM tasks on schedule
16. Good understanding of mechanical principles
17. Ability to read schematics
18. Ability to read assembly drawings for each unit of operation
19. Ability to proactively identify points of failure and troubleshoot symptoms in gearboxes, blowers, rotary valves, roll stands, bag houses, conveyors and other packing and milling equipment.
20. Ability to tear down all types of equipment and replace worn parts (seals, bearings, gears, belts, sheaves, etc...) and reassemble in a professional and efficient manner.
21. Ability to troubleshoot machine lock ups, shear pins, clutches, pneumatics, hydraulics, and drive systems.
22. General knowledge of the HVAC, sewer, plumbing, vacuum, compressed air, water, lighting, and roof systems.
23. Has knowledge, understanding, and capable of using the following equipment safely, skillfully and efficiently:
1. Welding: tig welding, mig welding, arc welding
2. Acetylene cutting, and plasma cutting
3. Lathe, drill and mill equipment and tools
4. Operation of hydraulic& arbor presses.
5. Sheet metal brake, shear & roll formers
6. Different types of shop tools: saws, grinders, drills, pipe and die threaders etc.
7. Able to sharpen drill bits, change band saw blades, and knowledge of the correct application.
8. Ability to identify different types and applications of shafts and to correctly size them.
9. Know when & how to replace the different types of cylinders
10. Read and use outside/inside, dial calipers, micrometers, rules and measures of different types and styles.
11. Techniques for rigging/lifting equip.


 Have a basic understanding of PLCs, SLCs and ladder logic.
 Capable of going on line to look at SLC and PLC programs
 Understands the difference between AC and DC currents
 Have a basic understanding of motor control circuits (i.e.; breaker, contactor, overload, hand/off /auto switches, on/off switches,)
 Accurately diagnosis and troubleshoots minor electrical problems with the use of schematics and VOM s (i.e.; blown fuses, relays, heater problems, etc.)
 Effectively uses a meter when necessary.
 Can identify basic electrical components and how to trouble shoot and replace (photo eyes, relays, prox switches, etc)
 Ability to trouble shoot a 3-phase motor electrically and mechanically and be able to replace if needed.
 Uses proper safety precautions when dealing with electricity. Follows proper lockout tag out procedures.
 Capable of repairing different types of lights (i.e., ballast, sockets, wiring)


The environment is dusty and may be hot and humid. Many areas of the plant have noise levels above the 80dB level requiring the use of hearing protection.


 High School education, G.E.D. equivalent or above.
 Technical training or 4 years experience in a related field to meet the job requirements listed above
 Work in the maintenance department as a MM05 for 18 months
 Complete the existing maintenance program while working in a MM05 position