Network Engineer
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Network Engineer
Ref No.: 18-00585
Location: Santa Ana, California
Start Date / End Date: 02/01/2018 to 07/30/2018
Purpose: Supplier will provide services to Client or Client' client as defined below on a flat rate.

Takes responsibility for major aspects of network specification and design within the organization. Makes recommendations for the improvement of network design operation and economics, wherever and whenever possible.

Advises on the selection and use of appropriate design standards, processes and tools and their effective application. Advises system development, support and operations management on the evaluation and impact of major network design options.

Is responsible for ensuring that all network design targets are met and that the networks provided meet their service level targets within the organization's planned budget.

Provides advice and guidance to management in design and planning phases of ICT and network systems, to ensure that network requirements (particularly network response times, volumetric information and security requirements) are reflected in the overall specification.

Manages and co-ordinates a network design team or teams.

Optional Tasks
Estimates and plans small to medium sized communications design projects or parts of larger projects, organizing own work effectively, and giving leadership to others.

Reviews network costs against budget, public tariffs and new developments, approving proposals to change network design when appropriate. Obtains and evaluates proposals from network suppliers of equipment, software and services.

Manages a center of expertise within the organization, taking responsibility for the development of complex network systems, including investigation, analysis, specification, design, building, testing, operation, maintenance, upgrade, migration and obsolescence.