Previous Job
Engineer I (TEN03)
Ref No.: 18-00546
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan
Start Date / End Date: 02/12/2018 to 05/01/2018
Mandatory Tasks - Working alone on simple systems or with colleagues on more complex systems, produces outline system specifications covering for example: objectives, scope, constraints (such as performance, resources etc.), hardware, network and software environments, main system functions and information flows, data load and implementation strategies, phasing of development, requirements not met, and alternatives considered.

Working alone on moderately complex systems and modifications to existing systems, or with colleagues on larger or more complex systems, specifies user/system interfaces, including for example: menus, screen dialogues, inputs, reports, validation and error correction procedures, processing rules, access, security and audit controls, recovery routines and contingency procedures.

Translates logical designs into physical designs taking account of target environment, performance requirements and existing systems. Produces detailed designs including for example: physical data flows, file layouts, common routines and utilities, program specifications or prototypes, and backup, recovery and restart procedures.

Documents all work using required standards, methods and tools, including prototyping tools where appropriate.

Optional Tasks - Produces logical system designs showing for example: processes, objects, data flows, inputs, stored data and outputs. Identifies common processes.

Working with data analysis colleagues where appropriate, produces or updates system object/data models and correlates these with corporate models.

Working with database design or database administration colleagues where appropriate, translates object and data models into appropriate DB schemas within design constraints.

Constructs, interprets and executes test plans to verify correct operation of completed systems.

Updates or provides input to cost benefit analyses, risk analyses and development plans to take account of design decisions.