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Operations & Applications Engineer I (OA03)
Ref No.: 17-03063
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Start Date / End Date: 10/24/2017 to 01/21/2018
Part Time - Operator I

Monitors mainframe and Info Print output queues. Aligns forms in the various printers and ensures that proper alignment and print quality is maintained.
- Separates jobs upon completion of print and maintain offsets for efficient handling and distribution.
- Cut, log, and prepare reports and checks for delivery to various clients world-wide. Must have the ability to record information accurately and legibly.
- Folds, inserts and posts various letters and checks, ensuring the address displays in the window, correct envelopes are used, correct date is applied, and correct amount of postage is applied.
- Cuts, packages, and mails payroll checks and computer generated reports and other materials to Client properties and other businesses on an international scale.
- Tape vaulting, calling back restores, ensuring tapes are packaged in the correct containers for off-site storage.
- Research NetBackup, Secure Sync and QuickScan to locate requested restore tapes.
- Label scratch and cleaning tapes. Enter scratch tapes when required. Monitor scratch counts.
- Maintain building security and confidentiality of sensitive material in accordance with established practices and procedures.
- Vacuums and maintains printers, pre and post processing equipment, folder, and inserter equipment as needed in accordance with manufacturer specifications. Contact the proper vendor when equipment maintenance is needed.
- Responsible for maintaining supply inventories and ensuring all supplies are restocked daily. Notifies management when supplies need to be reordered.
- Maintain daily logs and audit records in accordance with requirements.
- Answers departmental telephone lines; provides callers with responses to requests involving department procedures; performs research on lost reports, directs calls to appropriate person or takes messages. - - - - Performs research to address issues and less complex questions and responds directly to the caller.
- Trains associates as assigned and provides feedback to management on progress.
- Responsible for accepting and distributing incoming mail, packages, etc., to assigned mail boxes within the buildings’ mail center.
- Support business recovery requirements locally and/or at the hot site.
- Maintain neatness and cleanliness of work environment.
- Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements
- Ability to work a flexible work schedule, work hours fluctuate weekly based on workload. Hours typically range between 24 and 29 hours a week.
- Ability to understand and follow instructions, and ability to read, retain and comprehend guidelines, policies and procedures applicable to the position.
- Lifting and carrying of up to 40lbs.
- Grip/Grasp - Frequent.
- Prolonged periods of standing and/or sitting.
- Bending, stooping, pulling, and pushing.
- Punctuality and dependability a must.
- Work schedules vary on a weekly basis. Work schedule will include weekends and some holidays.
- Ability to multi-task and work in a fast-paced environment.
- Ability to work independently as well as within a team.
- This is an “essential associate” position.
- Must have reliable transportation to and from work location.

Additional Requirements
(No Value)
Days to be Worked
flexible hours 7 days
Start Time (AM/PM)
work hours fluctuate
End Time (AM/PM)
work hours fluctuate
Is this a short-term assignment? (14 calendar days or less)
List Specific Onboarding Requirements
There are specific requirements for Short vs Long Term assignments. Please refer to the policy guidelines in the Reference Library on the Home page.