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Automation Test Architect
Ref No.: 18-00103
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Start Date: 04/10/2018
Position: Automation Test Architect
Location: Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, IL

A test architect is expected to be able to affect change not only across the testing community, but between other engineering disciplines as well. Test architects must drive quality across all disciplines, providing guidance, feedback, and suggestions to improve quality practices across an entire engineering team
·  Test Architect as a senior test role with wide strategic scope
·  Primary responsibility is to provide technical leadership and strategic direction for their testing organization
·  Must have meaningful experience, interpersonal skills, objectivity, strong problem solving skills;
·  Understands software development and can work with developers to ensure that the test approaches align with development approaches
·  The Test Architect understands testing at a very in-depth level and is responsible for things such as:
o    Designing test frameworks for test automation and testing in general
o    Directing and coordinating the implementation of test automation and other test tools
o    Designing test environments
o    Providing guidance on the selection of the most effective test design techniques in a given situation
o    Providing guidance on technical types of testing such as performance testing and security testing
o    Designing methods for the creation of test data
o    Coordinating testing with release processes
·  Needs to understand the business processes used in the organization.
·  Must be proactive