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Project Manager IV
Ref No.: 18-15283
Location: Marlborough, Massachusetts
Start Date / End Date: 10/22/2018 to 02/08/2019
Job Title: Project Manager IV
Duration: 3 months
Location:­ Marlborough, MA

Job Description:
**10 hours per week onsite
**Hours per day - 2
**Days per week - 5

  • Identified project: Content Review Guidance Document rolled out in May 2017 to address a number of inefficiencies and confusion regarding the review of marketing and communication materials has been identified as needing improvement from a process and tool perspective. The process was designed to streamline the process and avoid the "bouncing” back and forth from different committees and impeding progress. This process was reviewed by the team and key stakeholders in June 2018. The feedback during this meeting made it clear that this process was not working. The goal or vision for this process is to develop a system that marketers/stakeholders can use to more clearly direct them to the right review body, based on a defined set of inputs. There remains an open question about legal review only integration/communication that would be addressed at a later date (i.e. how is this being done or documented, etc.)
  • Project manager to lead a robust as-is assessment for the current Content Review process to thoroughly understand what is working and what is not working. The goal of this assessment would be to understand current operation, identify opportunities to improve and streamline this process as well as properly clarify scope, roles and responsibilities of personnel as well as review committees. PM to assess the current process through one-on-one interviews as well as small workshops or working sessions as appropriate. Once key issues are understood, develop a thoughtful work plan to design and manage the development of a new process or system to meet CLIENT's needs. This may include a significant IT component.
  • Pharma Content review guidance process (5 entities at the company) Promotional, Corporate Communication Review, Medical and Scientific review, Legal review and Non-Promotional review committee.
  • Spreadheading team meetings – once a quarter, maybe once a month.
  • Create algorithm/tool
  • Work with her to build out process – If there's a new asset to use what would that look like.
  • IT background would be highly ideal
  • Pharma Industry knowledge required
  • Bridge the gap between the marketers and the IT team as to what's realistic.
  • Onsite 100%. Some remote work may be allowed.
Education: Minimum of a Bachelors Degree related to job discipline

Shiva Prasad | Senior Recruiter
Sunrise Systems Inc.
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