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Global Training Lead
Ref No.: 17-13316
Location: North Wales, Pennsylvania
Start Date / End Date: 11/01/2017 to 08/01/2018
Job Title: Global Training Lead
Duration: 10 months
Location: North Wales, PA
Job Description:
 Consultant Criteria/Profile:
In order to qualify:
1. The provider must have cross-industry “Operations” knowledge, experience, and expertise in all aspects of the “Project deliverables and scope” (as referenced above), at a large scale…in the following industries as:
  • High Technology – e.g., Intel (“copy exactly” operating philosophy)
  • Military (IDF) or NASA (failure is not an option)
  • Airline Maintenance (safety & quality are a must)
2. The provider needs to have a quantifiable track record of success in human error reduction
  • Providers should show Client, with data, how their methodology has worked in other industries (referenced above), where failure has severe consequences.  
 3. The provider needs to propose how to work with the Operational Excellence (OPEX) structure that we currently have in the Global Operation. 
  • Provider solutions need to integrate with Client’s OPEX framework or similar frameworks (including shop-floor, academies, etc.) and they should show evidence of how this has worked in the factories of their other clients. 
  • This integration should ideally be seamless at a site level, with a look-and-feel of one continuous philosophy and framework.
 4. The provider needs to propose how to work with our LMS system so that we can achieve some economies of scale and standardization.   Other Provider Characteristics
  • Pharmaceutical/Healthcare experiences a plus, but not required.
  • Brings in an experienced team with relevant cross-industry operations experience (as referenced above) and global L&D experience
  • Devises cutting edge approach that ensure a high quality result
  • Have experienced stakeholder management & communication capabilities to actively facilitate stakeholder engagement and buy in at all levels
  • Challenge existing point-of-views while still working in a collaborative manner
  • Provide end-to-end project management
  • Support preparation of key meetings
  • Assist with documenting and reporting
  • Ensures comprehensive handover of all project documentation
 Project deliverables and scope includes the following:
Assess Current State
  • Assess training process effectiveness,  including insights from existing Site Training groups 
  • Assess organization culture challenges
  • Assess areas of intersection – e.g., Quality, manufacturing processes, such as  Operational Excellence
  • Current Training Resources (e.g., people, technology, etc.)
Analyze data and identify opportunities
  • Current state technical training / knowledge transfer operations
  • Future state global Technical Training Opportunities  - governance, infrastructure, roles, process, etc. (standards, approach, methodology, measurements and tracking)
Recommend (and align stakeholders) on a global “Technical Training Infrastructure” & “Operating Model” that assures:
  • Clear Technical Training Structure (incl. roles, process, and governance).  This includes solutions that seamlessly integrate with Client’s OPEX framework (including shop-floor, academies, etc.) with a look-and-feel of one continuous philosophy and framework.
  • Global consistency of Technical Training standards (approach, methodology, measurements and tracking).  This includes how to work with Client’s LMS system so that we can achieve some economies of scale and standardization
  • A future state Operating Model to drive increased harmonization across sites, while ensuring:
  • Effectiveness of technical training - e.g., KTA (knowledge transfer assessment / written test); SDA (skill demonstration assessment / practical test); Observation; Other
  • Sustainability efforts to assure learning from training is applied on the job
  • Audits to determine if trained employees can consistently apply the training/ process/knowledge to the actual work.  For example:
(a) “Disqualification” and “requalification” events (incl. criteria)
(b) Data on “product deviation” (caused by human error)
(c) Competency assessments
  • Continuous Improvement efforts
Define the Roadmap for Implementation & Change Management
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities and define the timeline and roadmap for moving toward improved training infrastructure and processes to drive Knowledge Transfer & Continuous improvement.
Pilot “Technical Training Infrastructure” & “Operating Model” select sites. 
Including an engagement and change management plan; Evaluate for expansion.
Project Deliverables also includes:
  • Project management
  • Suggested project approach & structure, stakeholders, decision making process, team members
  • Project management, tracking and support
  • Support in Engagement & Communication - Senior leadership; HR professionals; Employees
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