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Controls Engineer
Ref No.: 20-07855
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Position Title: Controls Engineer

Additional information from the manager:

* The manager shared with me that this opening on his team is needed because there is a lot of work that needs support with getting done.

* Selected hire needs to be flexible with their schedule. This facility is running Monday through Thursday, two 10-hour shifts: A shift hours are 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM & B shift hours are 5:30 PM – 3:30 AM. Friday and Saturday are two – 8-hour shifts – A shift and B shift. It is expected that this hire will need to work overtime.

The flexibility needed with the working schedule is that this hire will need to support either A or B shift as needed. The shift won't be switched from day to day – it may though be switched from week to week. For example, the hire may need to work A shift for two weeks and the next two weeks B shift support may be needed.

* This is an on-site working role. Upon arrival to the facility, all people are required to get their temperature checked and will need to complete a health questionnaire. A mask will be issued upon arrival – the issued mask must be the mask worn all day while at the facility. If at any time someone leaves the building during the day, all of the above will apply again upon their return.

* When he is ready to interview, the manager will be looking to have phone screens first. If a phone screen goes really well, it's possible the manager could request for an offer to be extended after that first screen. If further screening is needed, a 2nd round video interview will be scheduled with the manager and other team members as needed.

Key Responsibilities:

* Support production processes and equipment.
* Understand and support the RMP Safety and Environmental systems.
* Follow lockout/tagout processes.
* Participate in the development and maintenance of process documentation.
* Work cross-functionally with team members, trades, peers, etc.
* Knowledge of various hardware and software used in the control of manufacturing processes and equipment.
* Includes understanding of: Programmable Logic Controllers, Ladder Logic, and Human-Machine Interfaces.
* Communication networks and protocols used on the shop floor.
* Control systems including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical sources of energy.
* Sensors, actuators, and various loop control technologies.
* Motion control, servo systems and multi-axis control including robotics Specialist.

Position Requirements:

* A minimum of a Bachelors' Degree is required for this position. Manager would prefer to see degrees in BSEE or BSCS or related engineering.
* Minimum of 5-7 years' applicable experience required – the more the better!! An experienced hire is needed for this team as they'll need to hit the ground running. Training will be provided as needed in terms of learning client's processes, etc.
* Understanding of manufacturing processes
* Use of common approaches to problem solving (Six Sigma, 7-step, FMEA, FTA, etc.)
* Understanding of statistical process control, process capability, and data analysis
* Computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Lotus Notes, File structure)
* Understanding of IMS- Software experience with the following products: RSSQL, RSLogix5, RSLogix500, RSLogix5000, RSView32
* Overall understanding of HMI applications and Controls System architecture interacts with IT systems

If you are interested, Please send an updated resume to or