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Manager, Interactive Development (Financial Services)
Ref No.: 16-00121
Location: Arlington, Virginia
Position Type:Direct Placement
Start Date: 01/12/2016
Manager, Interactive Development

We are quite literally on the front lines of the biggest issues facing the global markets leaders today investment banks, asset management firms, wealth managers, oil and energy firms, and government and regulatory agencies. Driving transformation and leading change within these industries requires big thinkers who bring insight, knowledge, technical acumen and passion for innovation. What we offer is the opportunity to join a recognized leader in developing and delivering groundbreaking solutions for today's dynamic global marketplace and an award-winning culture that fosters growth and leadership.

Job Summary:
As a Manager, Interactive Development, Expert UI Architect with 7+ years of experience; at least 4 years in building robust Web Applications using JavaScript MVC frameworks (such as Angular, React, Backbone or Ember) and Node.js. Strong public profile demonstrating contributions to thought leadership in the JavaScript space and open source projects.

Expected Competencies:

Serve as a technical advisor and problem solver to clients, assisting them in optimizing their use of emerging and established technologies
Architect and manage end-to-end delivery of full-scale web applications
Lead team(s) and work collaboratively in an Agile environment
Build well-structured UI components that follow best practices
Convert visual designs to working user interfaces
Take feedback from client/users and implement interaction changes
Guide test strategy, including unit, integration and acceptance testing
Troubleshoot performance issues
Thought-leader, mentor contributing to interactive and visualization communities

Expected Competencies:
Elements Expected Proficiency Level
Computer Science
  • Strong understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, Time/Space Complexity
  • Working knowledge of Design Patterns
  • Working knowledge of Object-Oriented and/or Functional Programming
  • Experience with Domain-Driven Design
  • Experience with RESTful API design
  • Experience with Behavior-Driven Development or Specification by Example
  • Ability to articulate a solution by applying the S.O.L.I.D. principles
UI Engineering
  • Understand the concept of event loops, single-threaded execution
  • Understand the concept of UI virtualization
  • Understand the technical details of how UI is rendered on-screen. For example, how does browser render HTML?
  • Know the difference between Immediate-mode and Retained-mode of rendering
  • Experience handling performance issues with rendering
  • Experience profiling, debugging and troubleshooting CPU, Memory and logic issues, preferably with Chrome DevTools
  • Understand the difference between HTML 4.0 and HTML 5.0
  • Have knowledge of what is new in HTML 5.0
  • Browser differences
  • Know the various kinds of selectors and their specificity
  • Understand the new properties introduced in CSS3
  • Understand CSS directives such as @import, @media, @font-face
  • Understand Responsive Web Design
  • Understand how selectors are looked up, triggers for Style Recalculation
  • Experience with proper structuring of CSS using techniques such as SMACSS, OOCSS or BEM
  • Experience applying Functional and Object-Oriented styles of programming
  • Understand details of the prototype chain
  • Working knowledge of standard EcmaScript 5 APIs
  • Working knowledge of libraries such as: Underscore or LoDash, jQuery
  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone, Ember and React.
  • Experience with building back-ends using Node.js.
  • Experience with build tools such as: Grunt, Gulp, SASS, Browserify, RequireJS
  • Understand the concept of Promises
  • Ability to influence and negotiate with clients and team members.
  • Project leadership skills including people management, scope and plan management and tracking.
  • Openness to travel and work at client offices.
Bachelor's degree required