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Senior Technical Sourcer
Ref No.: 14-02395
Location: Newark, New Jersey
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 01/05/2015 to 12/05/2015
Job Title: Senior Technical Sourcer
Location: Newark, NJ
Job#: 14-02395

It is a full time position.

Job description:
Client subsidiary,'s Technology Group, the engineering department responsible for the software, and technology that gets your digital audio books to you on the move, is looking for an expert in passive, senior-level, and technical talent sourcing.
As a Senior Technical Sourcer you will join our team and be tasked with enhancing our organization's ability to profile, isolate, attract, assess, and convert highly-talented, elusive, and experienced software engineers and engineering leaders into our top candidates for hire.
  • This sourcer will act as a partner with client sourcers, recruiting business partners, and leaders in our client groups by performing strategic research and data-driven sourcing activities leading to senior-level talent.
  • This team also provides enhanced services to our sourcer/recruiting partners including data extraction and web mining.
  • The Senior Technical Sourcer will act as a subject matter expert in prospecting techniques and tools used for information retrieval, data extraction, web-scraping, continuous process improvement, process automation, and customer relationship management.
  • The Senior Technical Sourcer will also play an essential role in tracking industry events, technology trends, and changes within the employment landscape which may impact our existing best practices and/or short- and long-term need for senior engineering resources.
  • As part of this effort, the Senior Technical Sourcer will participate in special projects in areas such as market mapping, market intelligence, talent community relationship building, prospect attraction, and organizational branding.
  • As a change agent, the Senior Technical Sourcer will be required to develop a broad and deep knowledge of the technologies currently in use by our client teams.
  • This individual must have boundless curiosity and lean toward being a "techie, someone who can understand how multiple programming languages, platforms, hardware, and technologies all come together to drive our mission critical, globally-distributed solutions.

    Basic Qualifications:
  • 5+ years as a single contributor sourcer or full life cycle recruiter for technical talent (i.e., software engineers, engineering leadership).
  • A demonstrable expertise in ad-hoc, complex web search string generation (i.e., optimized use of search engine-specific Boolean operators across all leading web data, social, and search platforms).
  • Proficiency with traditional web sourcing techniques is assumed (e.g., site x-ray searching, flip searching, location specific searching, targeted community searching, etc.).
  • Extensive knowledge of social network platforms, online communities, conferences, and other potential sourcing pools used to isolate senior-level technical talent (e.g., github, Stack Overflow, Top Coder, etc.).
  • A proven ability to build strong community ties with external tech or industry communities (e.g., open-source communities, user groups, etc.).
  • A broad understanding of the standards and trends in software engineering across a variety of domains (e.g., distributed systems, mobile engineering, front-end web engineering, databases, etc.).
  • Experience writing code is ideal but having the passion, dedication, and facility to learn would be acceptable experience.
  • Endless tenacity and persistence. This is not a pure research role.
  • All best practices will be put into actual real-world use by the senior technical sourcer and results (i.e., prospects hired) will be measured against predefined metrics targets.
  • A strong attention to detail and an analytical mind.
  • Client is a data-driven organization which supports creativity and ingenuity however true effectiveness, efficiency, and bottom line results must be supported by data.
  • The ability to create a strong, collegial, and supportive partnership with other sourcers, recruiting business partners, our client teams, and the greater technology community from which we will derive our pipeline for future engineering talent.
  • The ability to think long-term and think big.
  • Talent pipelining is not an "immediate gratification activity.
  • The ideal candidate will know which course to adhere to in order to achieve both short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Excellent time and project management is a must.
  • This role will be exciting, challenging, and multifaceted.
  • To be effective, this individual must have a proven ability to be highly effective in managing his/her time and ongoing project deliverables.
    Preferred Qualifications:
  • Active participation in the greater web "search community (e.g., blog contributions, speaker at conferences, etc.).
  • Experience writing code (scripting web scrapers, writing to site-specific search API's, etc.).
  • Prior experience working with, or developing solutions, on a graph database.