Ref No.: 18-02982
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 06/04/2018 to 12/31/2018
Job Title: Scientist
Job Location: Cambridge, MA
Job Duration: 6 Months

Primary Duties
Provide a brief summary describing the major role, responsibility and purpose of the job.

key areas of accountability and budget responsibility, if applicable.

The candidate will be responsible of laboratory work, including protein (and antibody) design, expression, production, purification, conjugation, and analysis of optimized lead and backup protein development candidates. The responsibilities of this role include independent planning, designing and execution of scientific experiments, interpreting and presenting scientific data. This candidate will have project coordinator responsibilities for Protein Engineering Discovery Projects (internal or external) and will actively provide scientific expertise to Discovery and Development teams as needed.

Success in this role is measured by the ability to conduct literature research, to provide strategically relevant and scientifically reliable information that supports the Company's goals. A good candidate should have an excellent team oriented spirit that is demonstrated by working toward common business goals with fellow scientists, being flexible with assignments and adaptable to the changing needs of projects. This person must be self-motivating and hard-working. Attention to detail is required.

Describe the essential daily job functions and include % of time spent on each.

% of Time Job Function and Description
70 Research Activities including experimental planning and direct laboratory activities, relevant and necessary literature review.
20 Communication with supervisor regarding experimental designs and results. Communication with members of Discovery Biology and Discovery Therapeutics Departments. Helping of team members to succeed in scientific experiments. Consultation with outside experts and collaborators.
10 Report writing and record keeping.

Education and Experience Requirements
Include educational requirements or equivalency, required years and type(s) or experience, and necessary licenses or certificates. Specify which are required and which are preferred. For UK, please do not use years of experience due to UK Legislation

A Life Sciences with emphasis on Molecular Biology or Cell Biology, and with five years of relevant working experiences. A Masters Degree with 7 years of industrial experience, or a Bachelors degree with 10 years of experience.

Key Skills, Abilities, and Competencies
Describe critical skill and abilities needed to successfully perform the job, which should be representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Knowledge in Molecular cloning, cell expression, purification and protein analytics is required. Candidates should have experience in designing expression constructs for mammalian, baculo-virus or bacteria expression system, and high throughput screening of engineered proteins. Evaluation of HT samples may require biochemical methodology such as small scale purification, ELISA, octet, enzyme activity assay, caliper, HPLC, SDS-PAGE and Western blot analysis techniques. Capability in proposing experimental design and developing relevant scientific method to characterize recombinant proteins in vitro is required. Implementation of new technologies to suit the changing needs of the Discovery Projects is necessary.

Complexity and Problem Solving
Describe the decisions made by the incumbents on a regular basis. Include decisions within the
Incumbent's authority to make as well as those decisions that must be referred to a higher level.

This person is expected to work independently with modest supervision. This person should demonstrate motivation in pursuing scientific answers; A good candidate should posses the capability of coming up with strategies for experiment designs, demonstrate sound judgment in execution of experiments, demonstrates problem solving and trouble-shooting skills.

Clear and fluent verbal and written communication skills are required for frequently interaction with supervisor and fellow scientists' about experimental design and data, keeping good scientific record, writing reports, scientific publications and giving updates in team meetings.

Internal and External Contacts
List contacts this job advises, consults, or coordinates with on a regular basis. Describe to whom the job is accountable. Indicate each Contact category (Internal, Vendor, Customer, or Other) and provide examples.

This position will have frequent contacts supervisor and with fellow scientists in Discovery Therapeutics group, with scientists in other groups in Research and Development departments. This person may be project Coordinator of Discovery project teams or external project collaborations, and may be in contact with outside collaborators and vendors as needed.

Other Job Requirements
List any other job requirements, including travel, physical abilities required, etc.
Compliance to biohazard, radiation hazard and chemical hazard regulation is required.