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Client Side Developer - React
Ref No.: 18-02537
Location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Start Date / End Date: 05/29/2018 to 12/31/2018
Job Description:
Job Title: Client Side Developer - React
Location: Jersey City NJ

Primary Initiative:
Ability to analyze complex problems and come up with simple but elegant solutions. Also an independent problem solver who is comfortable developing large, modular and scalable applications from scratch.

Secondary Initiative:
Works in an Agile environment interacting with different stakeholders like UX, VD and Product owners to gather project requirements and artifacts and use them to develop complex applications that interact with backend services.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:
• Perform tasks that require research and analysis before implementation.
• Work independently and with supervisory review on moderate to complex programming tasks.
• Provide analysis of problems and recommend solutions.
• Work within established procedures to develop, test, implement, and maintain code.
• Develop reusable front-end modules

Required Skills:
• Ability to analyze and solve problems independently with little supervision.
• A good grasp of vanilla JavaScript including at least a rudimentary understanding of modern ES6 features like Promises, Async/Await and Classes.
• Experience with JS framework React.
• Experience with additional JS frameworks like Dojo or Angular a plus.
• Ability to write cross-browser CSS. Experience with CSS3 and Preprocessors like Sass or Stylus a plus.
• Take UX and Visual designs and turn them into pixel perfect solutions.
• Experience with client side or server side templating languages like FTL or Mustache.
• Good understanding of best practices for optimizing application browser performance.
• Be able to use browser developer tools to test and debug applications.
• Knowledge of version control systems like GIT or SVN and how they fit into the software development life cycle.

Preferred Skills:
• Knowledge of AMD and Dojo toolkit in particular is a big plus.
• Familiarity with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins
• Familiarity with Test Driven Development and TDD frameworks.

# of Years Required:
1-4 Years of Client Side Web Development

Required Education:
Degree Preferred