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Laboratory Technician
Ref No.: 18-02410
Location: Lexington, Massachusetts
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 05/14/2018 to 08/05/2018
Job Title: Laboratory Technician
Job Location: Lexington, MA
Job Duration: 3 Months

Candidate will be responsible for maintaining the physical environment of a medium sized vivarium. Will perform routine animal health related tasks including but not limited to, husbandry, feeding, cleaning cages, washing and sterilizing lab equipment, and stocking basic lab supplies. Additionally, candidate will assist in experimental performance including instrument set up, anesthesia, injection and necropsy.

Key Responsibilites:
25% Changing rodent cages
20% Disposing of soiled bedding, washing and sterilizing equipment, preparing new caging
25% Performing facility maintenance tasks, such as stocking of supplies, sweeping and mopping, rubbish removal, filing paperwork
25% Animal health checks, Assist with the management of active rodent breeding colonies, including ear marking, record-keeping, database entry, health checks and genotyping
5% Attend group meetings and training sessions.

Key Skills and Competencies:
Ability to follow direction and performed assigned tasks in a timely fashion.
Knowledge of diluting chemicals for cleaning.
Know the basic concepts of animal care and health and the guidelines required to perform such tasks.
Previous experience with small rodents is highly recommended.
Must be willing to adjust work schedule to accommodate various workloads as well as provide rotating weekend and holiday coverage.
Ability to lift 50lbs.
Experience operating animal care related equipment such as cage washers, autoclaves, and bedding dispenser.
Basic knowledge of animal anatomy.