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Research Assistant
Ref No.: 18-02384
Location: Menlo Park, California
Position Type:Contract
Start Date / End Date: 05/22/2018 to 08/22/2018
Job Title: Research Assistant
Job Location: Menlo Park, CA
Job Duration: 3 months

This worker will report to the Client but will be working with the VR team.

We're looking to fill additional roles for the Product Data Integrity team. The candidate will coordinate and administer user studies for VR, and work with our cross functional product teams to further this initiative as well as communicate trends to help improve our products.

RAs will be responsible for:
Assisting principal investigator with experiments involving human subjects
Stage and set up of equipment for studies. Set-up may involve engaging with engineering external equipment vendors, internal and external safety evaluators, and the research study team to ensure the equipment is set-up properly
Screen participants for availability, interest level, and appropriate qualifications.
Coordinate the logistics of user research, including participant scheduling and distribution of incentives.
Conduct studies: this includes any or all of the following: obtaining participant consent, assuring the privacy and confidentiality of participants and their data, instructing study participants and guiding them through study procedures, running the study procedures, collecting the data per study design, formatting and annotating the data, and creating basic reports regarding the data. RAs are expected to follow procedures related to maintaining confidential information and handling of confidential data.
Study support services. Support research and development in various areas including data collection, onsite handling, tracking of participant compensation and tracking of equipment and procedures
Pilot experiments, make observations, and give feedback to the VR study team to optimize study procedures
Assist in creating study test materials
Scrutinize study specifications and planned assessments to ensure quality data is gathered from the right participants.
Adhere to ethical codes related to conducting user research at Client.
Annotate data according to specifications discussed with principal investigator and create tutorials for training other team members

Strong Plus: Certification in Facial Action Coding System
Ability to quickly absorb training on product and tool functionality
Strong attention to detail
Organization skills
Excellent communication skills verbally and via email
Ability to perform well autonomously
Penchant for web technology (consumer of various web and mobile apps)
Strong interest in quality and user experience.