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Data Architect
Ref No.: 18-00263
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Start Date / End Date: 01/15/2018 to 06/29/2018
Job Description:
Job Title: Data Architect
Location: Trenton NJ

Position Description The Client Department of Health's Prescription Overdose: Data-Driven Prevention Initiative (DDPI) project currently has a job opening for a Business Intelligence Data Architect. This role will leverage the value of database assets throughout the organization by participating on the Opioid project teams to identify, develop, and deliver enterprise BI solutions. This role reports to the Principal Investigator, who is responsible for ensuring that data capture, transformation, modeling, reporting, dashboarding, and analytics are designed, built, and working in harmony to meet the requirements of the DDPI. Database Architect The Data Architect will design the architecture for big data to be used for the Department's Opioid project, lays the foundation for additional data sources and performs additional duties related to the Department's overall dissemination of health indicators through a carefully designed and friendly dashboard platform.
Job duties will include:
• Determines database structural requirements by analyzing the Department's operations, applications used and /or needed, and programming; reviewing objectives with clients; evaluating current systems.
• Develops database solutions by designing proposed system; defining database physical structure and functional capabilities, security, back-up, and recovery specifications.
• Designing data architectures which includes data integration methodology, schema structures, segmentation needs
• Defining data management which includes data source identification, transformation, and migration planning
• Setting strategies for unique data-handling needs including encryption, localization, role authorization
• Implementing and ensuring completeness of technical delivery which includes coordinating with systems staff to provide technical components, automate processes, and deliver Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
• Delivering health indicators which includes best-practice standards, specifications, requirements, and population health value

Skills Required:
• At least 3 years of experience in the Business Intelligence technology space
• Expertise in BI-related data architecture, integration, modeling, and presentation
• Understands BI-related features and limitations of common database platforms (SQL Server, Analysis Services, Oracle, DB2, Postgres, others)
• Experience with ETL technologies (SQL Server Integration Services, Data Factory)
• Experience with modeling and presentation technologies (SQL Server Analysis Services, Reporting Services, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Cognos, , PowerBI, others)
• At least 1 years of experience in Microsoft AZURE and its related service technologies, including: Active Directory / Data Factory / Data Catalog
• HDFS / Data Lake Stores / Analytics
• SQL Databases / Warehouses / BISM Stack (SSMS, SSDT, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)
• Analysis Services (Tabular Mode / DAX / Cube concepts)
• Able to plan a solution architecture within an existing client environment
• Ability to quickly learn new tools based on conceptual understanding of technology
• Ability to plan and model data integration processes
• Ability to build data models supporting complex objects (KPIs, hierarchies, custom metrics, perspectives, parameters, geospatial, time-series, ranking, and predictive content)
• Ability to construct intuitively interactive, visually informative dashboards and reports, incorporating appropriately representative graphics, filtering, and sorting methods
• Ability to write documentation that explains complex technical concepts
• Ability to effectively communicate with senior staff leaders
• Understands common data quality issues and can elaborate on their resolution
Skills Preferred Database Design, Data Maintenance, Database Security, Database Management, Data Analysis, Requirements Analysis, Teamwork, Technical Zeal, Project Management, Presenting Technical Information, Training, Operating Systems.

Experience Required:
  • At least 5-10 years as a lead/senior data architect with all of the skills listed in the "Skills required " section.

Experience Preferred:
  • Education Required Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math or related field
  • Education Preferred Master's Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math or related field