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Senior SCM Pool Architect (641544)
Ref No.: 18-08058
Location: Santa Clara, California
Start Date: 08/06/2018
· Responsible for architectural design of Huawei unified storage architecture, including block storage, object storage, file storage and other storages.
· Meet the market demand in SDS(Software Defined Storage) scenarios, HCI scenarios and hybrid cloud scenarios, as well as high end enterprise storage, with industry-leading competitiveness
· Track academic research as well as recent industry advances. Be able to explore new storage frontier independently.
· Build proof of concept that will be advanced can be productized.
· While this role is predominantly an Individual Contributor role, the incumbent may directly or indirectly provide direction to a larger set of teams across multiple product or service areas or within a large and complex product.
Qualification, skills, experiences, and education:
· Must have experience
o SCM Pool architecture and design expertise
o SCM, SSD, HDD, RAID/EC, distributed storage, block storage
o Familiar with distributed storage technology, familiar with the mainstream distributed storage products.
o A domain expert, excellent coding and analytical skills.
o Familiar with block, or object, or file storage system design and development.
· 6+ years of storage products and solutions for the design and development experience.
· Have rich experience in system architecture and implementation theory and actual combat ability and the success of the system architecture design.
· Have the Internet, IoT, edge, fog, and/or cloud computing experience.
· Familiar with the data center disaster recovery, QOS of the distributed storage.
· Have all kinds of mainstream cloud services (such as Amazon, Windows, Azure, Google etc.) and the realization of business and maintenance experience in architecture design, with unique view on cloud services market and technology evolution.
· Familiar with OpenStack, Docker container technology cloud computing platform based on Optimization solution.
· Familiar with VMware, Xen, HyperV, KVM and other mainstream virtual machine optimization.
· Demonstrated experience with current and emerging industry best practices for component and infrastructure development; proven experience developing robust, enterprise-class software
· Demonstrated design and development experience with demonstrated visioning and innovation experience.
· Strong problem solving ability.
· Excellent ability to think at the system level to enable identification and remediation of product issues that may have business impact.
· Highly creative and innovation skills; advanced knowledge of software and networking security; advanced knowledge of emerging technologies
· Proven record of delivering results.
· Strong communication and data presentation skills
· Excellent interpersonal skills and team player.

Candidate Details: