Previous Job
Fiscal Assistant
Ref No.: 18-07615
Location: Hamilton, New Jersey
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 3 Years
Start Date: 07/01/2018
Fiscal Assistant

1. Maintains Contract Files and records
a. Ensures the essential contract documents are included in the initial completeness review for the entire FFS renewal packages.
b. Work directly with 151 contracted provider agency staff to facilitate accurate contract documents under the “Executed Contract” and “Agency Documentation” sections.
c. Conducts an inquiry through the Division’s System for Award Management (SAM) in addition to reviewing the Federal List of Excluded Individuals/Entities to ensure the contracted agency and/or the Executive Director are not on the Suspension and Debarment list.
d. Reviews and follows-up with checklist to ensure that follow-up is occurring for late/missing/incomplete items.
e. Works directly with Substance Use Disorder Fee for Service internal staff regarding accuracy of contracted documents.
f. Maintains accurate records tracking receipt of contract package contract complete, date executed contracts are sent to provider.
g. The checklist noted in d. above will be used to track completeness and accuracy of each contract package on SharePoint.
2. Will ensure that document supervisory review sheet is signed off. This sign-off will accompany SLD and BAA when they go to Valerie for signature, to let her know that the supervisory review is complete.
3. Prepares FFS cover letters for signature by Nancy Hopkins.
a. Sends approval letter by regular mail with signed SLD and BAA to FFS agencies.
4. Maintains hard copy FFS files along with a separate section for permanent file items, contract documents, and correspondence/other
5. Performs fiscal analysis of utilization rates to ensure contracted agencies are maintaining the minimum established utilization thresholds.
6. Generates reports of findings and corresponds with contracted agencies that are not in compliance.
DAS and Mental Health Contracts
1. Reviews CA CIMS contract packages for completeness before forwarding to CA supervisor for review and approval.
a. Returns incomplete contract packages to CA for them to follow-up with the agency.
2. Sets up permanent files for all the DAS files
a. Ensures that the COOP, BAA documents and RFP applications that have been awarded are in the file.
3. Packs up the Mental Health and DAS contract files for the oldest contract year in our drawers and boxes them up along with catalogs them for storage off-site.
4. Review Mental Health Permanent Files and purge duplicate files in order to create more space in folders.
a. Reviews with CA materials ready for discard from permanent file before recycling.
b. Ensures that documents on Permanent file checklist are in Permanent files.
i. Follows up with CA to get the necessary documents from Agencies for permanent file.