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Housing Recovery Advisor
Ref No.: 18-07036
Location: Hamilton,, New Jersey
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 2 Years
Start Date: 07/15/2018
Housing Recovery Advisor

Job Tittle - Housing Recovery Advisor
Working hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Lunch period: 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

The most criteria for the job are:
A bachelor’s degree in a health related field.
Experience working with people diagnosed with mental illness (or other disabilities).
Proficiency in Excel.
Excellent organizational skills.

Job Description:
• The Housing Unit staff are responsible for the administration all DMHAS funded rental assistance, including policy development, Consumer Subsidy Agreements, vacant bed tracking, tracking expenditures, recycled rental subsidy requests, warning and termination of subsidies/appeals, maintaining a master list of all tenants on DMHAS subsidies, updating and distributing Published Rent Standards, and maintaining a Community Agency Contact (Liaison to Subsidy program) list.
• The Unit also works with: the Supportive Housing Connection at NJHMFA to facilitate the DMHAS rent subsidy payments and apartment inspections; The NJ HMFA Low Income Housing Tax Credit Programs (applications and referrals), Section 811 program application/development and referrals, Special Needs Housing Trust Fund, etc.; The Department of Community Affairs to collaborate and administer the Non Elderly Disabled (NED) subsidy program and the SRAP transitions programs; the Department of Children and Families’ subsidies for the Keeping Families Together program; the Division of Family Development Mercer County Housing First Initiative (subsidy swap for service dollars) and Sandy Homeowner Rental Assistance Program.
• We assist in the development and tracking of new Supportive Housing/Community Support Services (write Requests for Proposals, Score proposals, contract negotiations, etc.).
• The Unit tracks all newly awarded beds, maintains an Overall Summary of all projects; tracks target populations, proposals through completion, and costs.
• All consumers get 90 days to find housing, this must be tracked, as well as the projected budget and actual budget costs for each unit.

• A Housing Specialist is needed to assist with receiving and reviewing all incoming requests for rental assistance, determining eligibility, and awarding subsidies.
• It is crucial that this service be provided in a timely and efficient manner, as these consumers range from Domestic Violence victims requiring immediate removal from unsafe housing situations, to consumers who are homeless with children, living on the street/tent/car/shed/homeless shelter, to individuals ready and waiting for discharge from the State Hospital system or aging out of Department of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P) services, etc.
• Expediting subsidy awards is a critical mission for the Housing Unit.
• Additionally, the Housing Specialist is needed to oversee the Warning and Termination processes, which results in consumers returning subsidies to the DMHAS for redistribution to those in need (among other things).
• This process frequently involves consumers who have received eviction notices, and thus requires adequate and trained staff to work with the consumer, provider agency, and the Community Health Law Project or Legal Services, making every effort to prevent an eviction which would result in homelessness for many consumers.
• This is also considered a critical mission of the Housing Unit. Also, the Housing Specialist will assist the unit with maintaining the Master List of all 3000-4000 individuals on rental assistance, calling provider agencies for updates when consumers are not in their units (hospitalized, jailed, missing, moving) or in housing search.