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P&P Export Compliance Manager
Ref No.: 18-06633
Location: Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Start Date: 06/21/2018
 Job Description
The P&P Export Compliance manager will be responsible for providing export compliance support and guidance across all Platform and Product (P&P) offerings.  This role will be responsible for ensuring that we have the appropriate EAR, ECCNs (export commodity classification numbers), exceptions, and country restrictions in place. 
  • Drive overall export compliance for Platform and Product offerings
  • Create and provide education to teams across P & P
  • Support all export related audits
  • Provide leadership in the comprehensive planning and execution of all export related activities within Platform and Products and render decisions where necessary
  • Collaborate with the delivery teams to ensure that offerings are classified in a timely manner
  • Develop export compliance policies and practices
  • Design and build controls to ensure compliance with P&P export compliance program
  • Lead/conduct security technology/architecture reviews to ensure offerings adhere to secure engineering principles

  • Meet with and/or respond to client issues 
Skills & Experience in Industry
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years' experience in working with the Department of Commerce/BIS/EAR
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years working with export classifications
  • Specific strength focused in IT Products area of the EAR, understanding ECCNs, Exceptions, Country specific restrictions and CCATS submissions using the SNAP-R system
  • Requirement to be familiar with all Parts and Schedules of the EAR governing Category 5 Part I and Part II specifically
  • Should be able to draft policy and procedure guidance on processes used to accomplish the above  
  • Must understand product development lifecycle, how and when ECCN classifications are required to be performed
  • Familiarity with Denied Parties and Person Listing Screening is a plus
  • Should be experienced Instructor/Trainer able to present before med - large groups of people (physically and virtually present) and effectively communicate US Regulatory requirements and how HCL resources apply them to daily operations
  • Must be forward thinking and assertive, not intimidated by senior leadership and able to work independently.  Must have an assertive personality and be able to get difficult tasks complicated with completing priorities.  Can effectively communicate using phone, email and IM systems.
  • Must have strong project management skills
  • Other Requirements:  US Citizenship, Passport or ability to obtain one.   Experience in other areas of Trade Compliance (ITAR, International shipping) a plus.  English speaking.