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Sr. Building maintenance worker
Ref No.: 18-05384
Location: La Jolla, California
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 5 Years
Start Date: 05/25/2018
Job overview:

Performs semi-skilled tasks independently or as part of a regular maintenance crew. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of buildings and related facilities and equipment using tools of the trade. Tasks include, but are not limited to, repairing appliances, disposals, pumps. heating systems, interior lighting, soldering and pipefitting, furniture and window treatment repair, installation and replacement, e-electronic lock installation, general maintenance, and repairs. Responsible to trouble shooting residential maintenance problem and for preventive maintenance work. Responsible for managing and documenting all work performed in a computerized maintenance work order systems via MAXIMO and handheld technologies (including asset and part management). Provide customer service to residents and guests through the year. Will be assigned to cover campus housing and dining buildings and grounds Work may be dispatched by Customer Service Center dispatcher and/or maintenance supervisor.

Valid California driver's license required and must participate in the DMV Pull program.
Background check required (below stated).
Five years' experience in building maintenance trade.
Available for overtime and call-ins

  1. Install and repair residential plumbing fixtures, water supply lines, valves, traps, and any associated piping, install sinks, disposals, water closets, tanks, hot water heaters and associated hardware. (D)
  2. Clean drain lines, trap and waste lines for sinks, tubs, toilets, storm and roof drains using property sized electric or hand drive drain cleaning tools. (D)
  3. Thread pipe using manual or electrical pipe threading equipment. (D)
  4. Solder using propane/MAPP/acetylene gas hand torches. (D)
  5. Perform maintenance and repair on natural gas furnaces, visually inspect furnace cabinets for fire hazards, soap test all fittings for gas leaks, change furnace filter and clean heater cabinets. (D)
  6. Repairs ABC, PVC, cast and copper waste lines, drain lines, and vent lines using glues, solvents, threading equipment, no hub coupling and hand torches. (D) Maintain and repair residential hydronic systems in apartments and dormitories. (D)
  7. Install valves, back flows, and water controls. (D).
  8. Maintain, troubleshoot and repair interior and exterior lighting systems. (D) Replace lamps, transformers and ballasts as required. (D)
  9. Maintain and repair residential wall switches, changing electrical breakers, and receptacles. Install and repair celling lighting and free-standing lights. (D).
  10. Maintain and repair domestic appliances, such as electrical ranges, garbage disposals, ventilation fans, including repair of refrigerator door switches, defrost timers, and freezer fans and controls.
  11. Maintain and repair residential sliding doors including hardware rollers and latches.
  12. Maintain and repair patios, balconies, door entrances, and walkway decks. This includes minor deck shethving replacement and application of deck coating. (AR)
  13. Maintain and repair of entry, interior and cabinet door hardware including hinges, latches, and catches. (W)
  14. Maintain and repair windows and frames, installation of glass; weather stripping window latches and glides. (D)
  15. Install and repair entryway thresholds and reducing strips. (D)
  16. Maintain equipment spaces, storage rooms and workshops. (D)
  17. Make temporary and permanent repairs to doors, locks, e-locks and associated hardware, including installation, troubleshooting and/or programming. If a temporary repair is made, must communicate this as per divisional procedures. (D)
  18. Perform work on elevated surfaces, using ladders, such as minor roofing repairs, gutter cleaning and repairs. Must be capable of using fall protection devices such as harness and tie-off systems, when necessary. (D)
  19. Installation and repair of vertical blinds, mini blinds, shades, drapery cords, etc. (D)
  20. Performs minor repairs to interior finishes, including but not limited to, repairing of furniture, closet doors, dresses, and floor lamps. (D)
  21. Operate light and medium truck and carts in support of above activities.
  22. Inspect and install fire extinguishers and break glass
  23. Install room and building signs, bulletin boards, office shelves and related equipment.
  24. Clean patio drains, roof tops and rain gutters.
  25. Assist Carpenters and painters to prepare for projects including but not limited to, Demo, concrete, stucco, paint rolling, framing, washing walls, masking areas, caulking and setting up scaffolding.

Experience Required: Semi and skilled
Experience Preferred: Yes
Education Required: Knowledge of the trade (i.e. trade school and up)
Education Preferred : yes
Additional Information : not at this time