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Medical Administrative Assistant lll
Ref No.: 18-02986
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 2 Years
Start Date: 04/23/2018
Position Description **candidates MUST POSSESS: **health records, filing, calendars, office suites, establishing tables **for this position they need someone professional who can attend meetings and take “meeting minutes” The Adult Detention Center Medical Section It is an 8 hour shift (0800 - 1630), however, there are times when a provider will start at 0700 & the AA will need to adjust their start time accordingly. Ideally, the candidate would have experience as a medical office manager... Coordination of the medical departments’ administrative processes and procedures. The work hours may fluctuate based on the demands of the clinic. Specialty clinic days, such as when dental and/or optometry services are onsite, may require an altered work schedule to effectively accommodate the providers. The duties of this position are required in order to comply with Federal and State health care regulations, deliver quality healthcare services with minimal risk, to ensure compliance with our accrediting agencies health care standards, e.g., ACA, NCCHC and DOC, and to ensure accurate data collection processes. This administrative position serves to enhance the coordination and collaboration of the ADCs Medical Department with internal and external health care partners/customers. The incumbent must be knowledgeable of health care office and health care record management processes and procedures. Will supervise and train up to 3 health records support staff. Responsible for the scheduling and coordination of up to 1366 patient-inmates’ health care appointments internally (on-site) and in the community (externally)while simultaneously ensuring safety and security by effectively communicating and collaborating with agency personnel and Sheriff Deputies. Responsible for ensuring appropriate health care documentation, to include insurance and continuity of care forms, are initiated, provided and completed for all external health care appointments. The incumbent will develop, revise and maintain multiple data bases and spreadsheets in order to effectively track and ensure compliance with health care specific quality measures, community and court-ordered health record requests, health care business associates contractual agreements/memorandums of understanding, practitioners’ required licenses, certifications & continuing education credits, medical and administrative supply inventory, and more than 100 health care standards from multiple accrediting agencies (e.g.,NCCHC, ACA & DOC). Responsible for maintaining an accurate inventory and timely replenishment of the medical departments’ administrative and clinical supplies, equipment and other health-related resources. The incumbent will manage the health service administrator’s calendar, compose memorandums and health care meeting minutes, gather and organize monthly health care statistics and perform other support functions as needed. Must be able to organize, prioritize, & multi-task while maintaining a calm professional demeanor when in a high-stressed, fast-paced work environment Responsible for the overall coordination and delegation of daily activities within the medical department. Incumbent will develop the daily appointment schedule for multiple advanced level practitioners (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Dentist, Optometrist, Radiologist etc.) that are onsite and in the community. Schedules and coordinates transportation of patient-inmates to/from health care appointments in the community by effectively communicating and collaborating with Sheriff Deputies, community providers and with other medical branch support personnel. Functions as the medical branch liaison and gate-keeper by effectively managing patient-inmate flow within the medical unit ensuring agency security. Serves as the front desk receptionist answering queries and forwarding to the appropriate individual or department. Functions as the primary point of contact for numerous services and vendors conducting business with the medical branch (e.g., information technology, pharmacy, equipment maintenance, hospice, dialysis vendors etc,). Responsible for the efficient coordination of emergency personnel, confinement and medical branch personnel during emergent situations. Responsible for a general understanding of agency and department-specific policies and procedures in order to appropriately route and follow-up on patient-inmate requirements, departmental calls and other communications in a professional and courteous manner. Develops and maintains multiple excel workbooks and spreadsheets in order to effectively track and ensure compliance with multiple medical department specific tasks to include, but not limited to, court-ordered, community and other correctional jurisdictions health record requests, licensed personnel’s credentials & continuing education requirements, business associates’ memorandums of agreement and/or contracts, medical equipment and supplies and more than 100 healthcare standards of multiple accrediting entities, (e.g., NCCHC, ACA & DOC); Partners with the agency accreditation manager to ensure required health documents are obtained and scanned/submitted electronically in the appropriate healthcare standard file. Responsible for retrieving and processing departmental mail and/or internal agency requests and forwarding such requests to the appropriate individuals, departments or agencies. Responsible for maintaining administrative supplies (e.g.,office supplies, documentation, forms and medical equipment) at appropriate par level and/or in a compliant and operable state for use; Responsible for the preparation and submission of purchase orders for the purchasing of administrative supplies and medical equipment; Ensures administrative clinical and equipment inventory are sourced and replenished timely; Responsible for the accurate monitoring and reconciliation of billing for supplies, professional services and hospital care and submitting the invoice to the agency financial branch for payment. Oversees the health records unit processes and supervises up to 3 support health records staff members. Conducts a variety of audits to ensure health record completeness and compliance; Must be knowledgeable of health care specific Federal and State Regulations and Guidelines; (e.g., Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA), Freedom of Information Act, (FOIA) and basic health insurance principles); Understanding of basic office management principles in order to effectively train staff on various administrative assignments. Must exercise sound judgement when delegating and when making decisions in accordance with Health Record Management regulations and agency related standard operating procedures.
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Experience Required Must know medical terminology, have a basic understanding of medical billing processes; skilled with Microsoft office programs/ information technology; good written and oral communication skills and Spanish speaking is preferred;
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