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Accounting Manager B - C
Ref No.: 18-02500
Location: Orange County, California
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 4 Years
Start Date: 04/05/2018
Position Description Utilizing professional management and technical: 1)knowledge, 2)education and 3)experience, Administrative Managers in the County provide effective and ethical leadership to a vast array of programs and services provided by the County. They creatively and systematically plan, develop and implement programs that utilize human and financial resources to achieve results. Administrative managers are accountable for: 1)strategy and goal formulation consistent with the County’s mission and vision, 2)stakeholder engagement, 3)effective communication and collaboration at multiple internal and external levels, 4)employee development, 5)issue and data analysis and 6)the efficient use of public resources. Depending of experience this Req.# would be set for Accounting Manager B or C. 3 - 6 months Assignment
Skills Required The Administrative Manager series includes positions at all levels (entry, journey, supervisory, etc.). Administrative Manager I : Conducts analysis of issues and data to support and provide input into programs and policy decision-making or County or Department projects; develops, establishes and implements procedures; may manage or assist in managing a small program, unit or section or a department-wide function or projects; may supervise/manage other staff and/or direct the efforts of staff who are not direct reports, including outside contractors; assists in ensuring achievement of program objectives. Administrative Manager II : Manages identifiable programs, units or sections or a department wide function and gives direction to staff; may supervises/manages others, including other managers; may make program and policy recommendations to function management and/or department executive team; leads department or Countywide projects/assignments; sets vision/mission for assigned program, unit or section and ensures achievement of objectives; has a significant level of discretion and accountability in program decisions and work to be accomplished including changing priorities for subordinate staff within the scope of assignment. Administrative Manager III and Specialty Manager : May manage a major function or section or multiple mid to large sized program; manages other managers; makes broad policy decisions and recommendations to department or County executive team; manages high profile or critical department or Countywide projects/assignments; sets vision/mission for function, section or programs and ensures alignment of priorities with department and County business goals; reviews and approves function, section or program objectives/results; has broad discretion and significant accountability in policy decisions, setting priorities and directing subordinate staff. Specialty managers operate in technical management assignments requiring professional/technical certification and/or licensing.
Skills Preferred Managers must possess the education and experience that demonstrate the following core competencies, consistent with the position’s level in the administrative management series and assignment. Analysis: Researches, organizes, accurately interprets and applies relevant data. Effective Communication : Delivers a message orally and in writing in such a way that the receiver understands the message the way that it was intended. Leadership/Judgment : Guides and directs others toward meeting business objectives, while encouraging openness, creativity and innovation. Planning and Organization : Effectively prioritizes work and meets established deadlines. Problem Solving : Accurately identifies issues, impacts and solutions. Results Oriented : Achieves measurable results. Supervision: Works collaboratively with direct reports to align personal development and goal achievement with business objectives and County vision PERFORMANCE ATTRIBUTES Administrative management positions may require education and/or experience that demonstrate proficiency in some or all of the performance attributes associated with core competency requirements. Leadership: ? Leads confidently by taking personal responsibility for decisions and actions ? Aligns organizational vision with County strategic goals and department business objectives ? Uses creativity and innovation in achieving business objectives Builds effective working relationships inside and outside the organization ? Promotes flexibility by planning for the effects of organizational change ? Initiates and displays a willingness to change in order to obtain and sustain key business initiatives ? Values learning and finds opportunities for challenging and improving personal performance ? Actively promotes teamwork by creating a culture and environment that supports individual and team empowerment ? Exhibits courage to take action by tackling difficult challenges ? Promotes the principles of contemporary leadership practices ? Keeps technical knowledge, certifications, licenses, etc. current ? Displays departmental and/or County perspective in dealing with issues ? Confronts conflict directly and objectively with a goal of resolution for all parties ? Makes suggestions for improvements Effective Communication : ? Promotes open, candid information sharing across organizational boundaries ? Builds consensus among diverse groups for the purpose of meeting business objectives ? Listens effectively to others ? Presents ideas and complex material clearly, concisely, logically and persuasively both orally and in writing ? Deals effectively with various levels of the organization ? Ensures timely, appropriate communication with stakeholders ? Applies contemporary technical concepts and best practices to assignment ? Readily and routinely shares technical knowledge with others Planning and Organization : ? Sets project goals and objectives aligned with departmental and/or County priorities ? Plans for acquiring resources needed for project completion ? Integrates changes smoothly ? Works in an organized manner ? Exhibits cost consciousness and conserves departmental and/or County resources ? Assigns work to project team members, establishes expectations and monitors activities Problem Solving and Analysis : ? Finds and acts on new opportunities, eliminates barriers to change and unneeded bureaucracy ? Makes sound business decisions based on limited, complex or contradicting information and relevant public service ethical principles ? Integrates new ideas and contemporary approaches into problem solving ? Gathers, analyzes and applies information skillfully ? Develops alternative solutions ? Exhibits innovation and creativity in identifying and resolving problems as they occur ? Works effectively in group problem solving situations Results Oriented : ? Sets challenging, measurable project goals that are aligned with broad County strategies and departmental business objectives ? Plans, organizes and implements projects to meet established timeframes ? As opportunities arise, reengineers business processes and improves organizational effectiveness by proposing and implementing change initiatives required to improve efficiency, streamline operations and meet current and future business needs ? Measures performance against key operational and financial targets/goals ? Investigates and adopts best practices where possible ? Sets appropriate priorities and modifies as needed ? Is accountable for personal performance and goal achievement and maintains sufficient content and knowledge to perform all aspects of the job effectively ? Applies contemporary technical concepts to communications Supervision(only applies to supervisory positions): ? Ensures that individual performance action plans are aligned to business strategies ? Motivates performance for the purpose of achieving County and/or departmental goals ? Assists employees in defining and following through with actions that support performance and personal development ? Uses reward and recognition programs appropriately ? Clarifies performance expectations (e.g., roles, responsibilities, standards and goals) collaboratively with others ? Motivates people to reach their highest performance potential ? Sets direction to meet business objectives ? Provides honest, timely feedback about performance ? Tailors developmental suggestions (e.g., training, learning opportunities, key experiences) to fit individual, team and organizational needs ? Effectively manages all aspects of the County’s performance management system within established timeframes ? Recognizes that making mistakes is an important part of learning ? Assigns clear authority and holds others accountable for goal achievement ? Within the scope of business limitations, provides resources and support to ensure that key strategies and results are achieved ? Values learning for staff and seeks out opportunities and skill development as resources permits ? Administers discipline in a fair and consistent manner as required
Experience Required A number of County administrative management assignments require specialized knowledge, technical/professional competencies, licenses and/or certifications in addition to management competencies. Such assignments require incumbents to possess the following: ? Current knowledge of Federal, state and local legislation, policies, regulations and issues that pertain to the technical and service aspects of the assignment ? Current technical/professional knowledge of the complex principles, methods, standards and techniques associated with the scope of work of a recognized profession ? Ability to conduct complex professional/technical research and analysis for assigned projects and the work of other professional/technical staff ? Possession of the required education, license(s) and/or certifications associated with the assignment
Experience Preferred
Education Required Degree from an accredited university 5+ years of management experience supervising accounts receivable and collection staff
Education Preferred BA in Accounting or Finance from an accredited university 5+ years of management experience supervising accounts receivable and collection staff All levels in the management series require experience directly related to the level of leadership, planning, problem solving, analysis program management and supervision required for a specific position. An educational degree in a specific area of study may be required for some positions. Experience/Education: Administrative Manager I Two years of experience directly related to the competencies and attributes noted above. A bachelors degree in a related area of study may substitute for the required experience. Administrative Manager II Two years of experience as an Administrative Manager I with the County of Orange. OR Four years of experience directly related to the competencies and attributes noted above. A bachelors degree in a related area of study may substitute for two years of the required experience. Administrative Manager III One year of experience as an Administrative Manager II with the County of Orange. OR Five years of experience directly related to the competencies and attributes noted above. A bachelors degree in a related area of study may substitute for two years of the required experience. College level education or training directly related to the competencies and attributes required of the position may be substituted for up to one year of required experience at the rate of three semester units or the equivalent, equaling one month of experience and one hour of training equaling one hour of experience. College level education or training beyond a bachelor degree, which is directly related to the competencies and attributes required of a position, may be substituted for up to an additional year of required experience at the rate noted above. License Required For some positions possession of a valid California Driver’s license, Class C or higher may be required by date of appointment.
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