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Design & Construction PM
Ref No.: 18-01769
Location: Riverdale, MD, Maryland
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 3 Years
Start Date: 03/05/2018
Position Description **Currently seeking a dedicated and skilled individual to serve as Design & Construction PM I in the Architecture Section of the Park Planning and Decelopment Division. The Project Manager I will act as the first level project manager across the continuum of planning, design and construction administration; managing projects that are small to average in size. The successful candidate will apply knowledge or architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and construction management, along with a good working knowledge of related fields to ensure complete, integrated designs/specifications and to perform effectively in the PM I position.** * Manages a limited range of projects to design and/or construct park/recreation facilities; works at the first level of project management across the continuum of planning, design (design development, contract documentation and cost estimating) and construction. * This position is responsible for serving as the primary first level design and/or construction manager; leading, managing, and coordinating the work for small – average sized design or construction projects funded in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) or Major Maintenance Program (MMP).administration. Manages projects that are small to average in size. *Prepares, plans and tracks project schedules and budgets, assigns project responsibilities, and coordinates the work to complete projects on schedule and within the established budget. * Monitors completion of assignments at each stage of project for timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness in meeting work objectives. * Coordinates and obtains required approvals, permits and inspections at appropriate timeframes to keep project on schedule and avoid project delays. * Initiates and conducts effective progress meetings at regular intervals during design and/or construction including preparation of agendas and meeting minutes. * Provides technical support, as needed, for grant applications and develops cost estimating and schedule information for the CIP/MMP. * Conducts thorough, technically proficient and timely reviews of project work by outside consultants, permit requests for construction on park property, mandatory referrals, public-private partnerships, developer projects, or projects by other agencies on parkland. * Reviews preliminary design plans, written reports, construction drawings, specifications, computations, cost estimates, bid forms, submittals, and shop drawings for quality assurance, and provides input, at appropriate stages. * Reviews work for thoroughness, accuracy, practicality, economy, compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and conformance with sound design and construction practices. * Reviews and approves design work and final construction documents, and recommends certifications of the work. * Reviews progress of construction work at regular intervals to ensure park/space/facility or building system, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) system, is constructed according to the contract documents. * Identifies deficiencies at early stages prior to adverse impacts and significant delays to projects. * Applies technical expertise to improve and add value to the project, and develops solutions. * Interjects an awareness of Commission objectives into the review and ensures work compile with internal park space, facility, and system design and construction standards. * Maintains records and files, and prepares reports. * Will provide technical support to other Managers.
Skills Required * Knowledge of the concepts, principles, practices, techniques of design and construction, in example: architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and construction management. * Good working knowledge of directly related fields such as environmental, geo-technical, civil and structural engineering, architecture, landscape architecture and construction management. * Knowledge of: * Building and building (MEP) system functionality, maintainability, and sustainability. * Construction practices and the characteristics and uses of construction and building materials. * Key aspects of land surveying pertinent to projects. * County, State of Maryland, and Federal Codes, industry standards and other guidelines affecting space/facility design and construction such as County soil erosion, sediment control, stormwater management and forest conservation requirements, building code, use and occupancy requirements, fire protection and historic preservation requirements, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) requirements, various Code of Maryland (COMAR) Titles, American Society ofTesting and Materials (ASTM) standards for various materials, products and methods of construction, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Guidelines for Design and Public Playgrounds, and accessibility provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). * Skill in Computer Aided Design (CAD) including Building Information Models BIM) * Skill in the full Microsoft Office Management Suite including MSWord, MsPowerPoint, * MsExcel. Microsoft Project is desirable. * Knowledge of Commission organization, policies, and procedures.
Skills Preferred
Experience Required Two years of progressively responsible designer and/or construction manager experience
Experience Preferred
Education Required Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or Engineering or a degree in a related field.
Education Preferred
Additional Information Valid driver’s license in accordance with both State and Commission rules and regulations. Driver’s license must be unencumbered by restrictions, revocations, suspensions, or points that could limit the employee’s driving ability to drive Commission vehicles or perform driving duties required by the position of assignment.