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Contracts Manager
Ref No.: 17-06724
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 2 Years
Start Date: 01/08/2018
Position Description: **Under basic supervision, administers post-award procurement contracts; reviews terms and conditions of contracts, and reviews and processes invoices and payments.*** 1. Inputs, reviews and processes invoices for department approval. Once approved, processes for payment by Accounts Payable. 2. Creates and executes contract modifications and contract options (renewals). 3. Manages contractor performance and compliance with contracts. 4. Manages between 40-50 contracts simultaneously.

Skills Required: 1. Experience with invoice processing and service contract management 2. Skilled in creation of Microsoft Excel reports (Employer will train on specific reporting but XL knowledge is essential). 3. Good written and verbal communication skills. 4. Good attention to detail in matters of invoice processing and contact compliance (ensuring the contractors act and invoice within the terms and conditions of their contracts) 5. Familiarity with enterprise software used for invoice processing and management (Employer will train in PeopleSoft) 6. Good organizational skills. 7. Available to work from 9-5 Mon-Fri.

Experience Required: 1+ year of experience in public sector accounting, procurement, and contract management

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree in Business or Public Administration