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HVAC Technician
Ref No.: 17-05102
Location: Punta Gorda, Florida
Position Type:Contract
Experience Level: 3 Years
Start Date: 10/16/2017
Position Description: - Perform routine maintenance on a variety of HVAC equipment, such as checking for leaks, adjusting blowers and burners, and checking nozzles, thermostats, controls, and other components. - Diagnose and repair problems that are found within any part of an HVAC system. - Adjust the controls of and HVAC system and recommend appropriate settings. - Test the performance of a furnace, heat pump, air conditioning unit or other piece of HVAC equipment to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency. - Properly reclaim refrigerants, replace compressors and proper use of refrigerant scales. - Excellent customer service skills a must. Includes a neat and clean appearance as well as the ability to sell service contracts and/or replacement equipment to our valued customers. - Performs other routine duties.

Skills Required: - Properly connect the HVAC systems to supply lines and install the necessary electrical wiring. - Must also know how to connect the system to air ducts and take all other necessary steps in the installation process. - Understand how the entire heating and air-conditioning systems function. - Must posses a complete understanding of how HVAC systems work in order to be able to install and maintain them. - Know how to follow government regulations concerning the recycling of refrigerants, including the proper handling and disposal of all relevant fluids and gases.

Experience Required: 1+ years of experience

Education Required: HVAC certification or Diploma preferred