Previous Job
Content Manager II
Ref No.: 17-00115
Location: San Jose, California
We are looking for a passionate and collaborative writer to join our growing New Product Development team in San Francisco, working on the voice of eBay ShopBot. We are focused on exploring adjacencies and pushing the boundaries of traditional ecommerce. We are looking for creative thinkers that are entrepreneurial, critical of the current experiences around them and innovators who are energized to re-imagine the way people, brands and services mesh in the digital world.

Things that we value
•Curious minds and an appetite for learning
•Passion for the craft
•Strong point of view paired with a healthy dose of humility
•Fearless brainstorming
•User-centric and strategic approach

Job responsibilities
•Improve our bot's tone of voice and conversational flows, and bring it to the entire product
•Create and maintain documentation of all the dialogue in the product
•Create a style and execution guide
•Work closely with product designers to create conversations that will guide users where we want them to go
•Be able to make recommendations based on consumer and industry research and trends.
•Come up with and vet content that bridges what consumers want with eBay's business goals.

Job/ Personal Requirements
•Portfolio of short form and long form writing, marketing and social media content, and/or user interface copy
•Fluent in memes and other internet culture
•Experience writing for nascent technology
•Able to consider business, engineering, product, and consumer goals when creating content
•Experience creating copy guides for tone of voice and writing in that voice
•Flexible, quick learner who's comfortable with tight deadlines
•Knowledgeable about trends in ecommerce and digital, especially for mobile
•Ability to work on-site in our SF office
•Have worked closely with designers, product managers, and engineers

•Bonus: Experience writing for AI powered experiences
•Bonus: Experience writing dialogue and scripts
•Bonus: Experience writing for retail and e-commerce

Additional information provided by the Manager: not to be posted online

Q. Describe the project they will be working on?
A. eBay Shopbot: personal shopping assistant inside Messenger.

Q. What are the Top Three Skills needed to perform this role/job?
1. Excellent writing skills for dialogue and conversation
2. Ability to manage tone of voice for entire experience
3. Balance user experience goals with business and engineering goals

Q. What would the typical work day look like for this contractor (what are they responsible for)?
· Working with product designers to create copy and dialogue for features
· Delivering the content in a clear, usable way to the right team members
· Maintaining a record of all copy created, organized in an easily understandable system
· Work on high-level strategy of testing tone of voice and iterations of current tone of voice
· Work with product designers, product managers, and engineers to understand limitations and intent of copy needed

Q. Any technology companies or a particular industry background that you would like them to come from?
A. eCommerce, script-writer (theater), AI companies

Q. What is the Duration of assignment - possible extensions?
A. No set duration (at least 6 months). Full-time hours.

Q. When are you available to begin interviews?
A. In-person interviews after May 5th.

Q. What is your interview process? (phone, interview panel, loop) Who will be reviewing resumes, do you need help setting up a delegate?
A. Hiring manager (me) and current senior copywriter will be reviewing resumes and performing an initial phone interview. After phone screen, potential candidates will do a take home prompt that will take less than 1 hour to complete. Successful candidates will be asked to come onsite for interviews.

Q. Do you have a list of screening questions to share with the suppliers that would aide in further screening candidates?
A. Needs to work onsite. Experience writing dialogue. At least 4 years of experience.