Sr. .NET Developer
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Sr. .NET Developer
Ref No.: 18-00041
Location: Woodbury, Minnesota
Position Type:Direct Placement
Experience Level: 4 Years
Start Date: 05/12/2018
 Senior Software Developer
Core responsibilities
  • Consistently produces functionality that meets business requirements
  • Does it fast enough
  • Troubleshoots problems and fix bugs
  • Maintains an eye for detail when architecting and structuring code within the app
  • Produces code that is easily maintainable and simple for another developer to modify
  • Identifies potential problems within the codebase and works to fix when necessary
  • Understands the business including priorities, requirement collecting, and necessary feedback loops
  • Understands and works well within the confines of the Agile process
  • Helps write User Stories that are 'good'. Testable. Provide business value. Fit into a sprint
  • Performs frequent code reviews
  • Provides constructive feedback during code reviews
  • Demonstrates working-level knowledge of DVCS (Git) and can effectively use the tool to complete necessary tasks
  • Skillfully implements 3rd party libraries and frameworks when required
  • Be part of a team of software engineers to add features to our existing apps
  • Continue to expand and enhance the underlying architecture of our apps with an eye towards stability and performance
  • Maintain and support our existing apps
  • Broad knowledge of core Computer Science concepts. Focus on growing as an engineer, learning existing tools, resources and processes.
  • Develops their productivity skills by learning source control, editors, the build system, and other tools as well as testing best practices.
  • Comfortable with DDD, distributed systems, and capacity and scalability concerns
  • Demonstrates mastery working with databases, OS, network topology, cloud components, CI/CD, source control, project management
  • Strong in the area of Emotional Intelligence including coaching, running meetings, and communicating with external stakeholders.
  • Capable of taking well-defined sub-tasks and completing these tasks.
  • Understands data structures and algorithms.
  • Understands how to identify code smells.
  • Understands authentication and authorization tools and techniques.
  • Developing knowledge of a single component of our architecture.
  • Effective in communicating status to the team.
  • Accepts feedback graciously, and learns from everything they do.
  • Working knowledge of REST web services
  • Familiar with Git
  • 3-5 years experience with .NET and related technologies.
Nice to Have
  • Experience in an agile development environment.
  • Experience with multiple languages.
  • Experience with continuous integration.
  • Experience in scaling APIs.
  • Experience with Azure.
  • Experience with Elastic Search.