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Library Filing Service
Ref No.: 20-00147
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Position Type:Part Time
Title: Library Filing Service
Job ID: 18-00693
Location: Washington, DC / Miami, FL/ Jacksonville, FL / Nashville, TN / Pittsburg, PA or Cleveland, OH
Pay Rate: 16.50/hr.
Type of hire: Contract / Part-Time
Shift: 2-5 hours a week/once a month
The library filing consists primarily of loose-leaf services and treatises, many of which are located in a central library. Additional materials are located in the respective work area of the office of Office of Chief Counsel.
The filing service will be scheduled to be once or twice a month or as needed. Will be paid by the number of hours worked per day on an as needed basis. Estimated 165 hours a fiscal year.
*** Candidate must have experience with Law Library filing, which would include loose-leaf material and pocket part filing

Position Responsibilities:
  • Sorting new material and filing all regulatory information.
  • Correcting any misplaced pages or sections to proper order.
  • A report to the office contact on any missing material that needs to be ordered.
  • Approve and identify all invoices from bound volumes or loose leaf material, noting date material placed on shelf.
  • This service will include shelving of new books and supplements.
  • This service will include inventory reports on new materials added to the library.
  • This service will include filing all reports and materials as set out in Addendum A.
  • The work shall be performed at client's office.
  • Contractor must perform the service independently. Supervisory assistance will not be provided. The vendor will be notified that there is filing to be filed and the vendor will contact the contractor is to establish the system.
  • Contractor will assign the same person (or team) to perform the contract services.
GTA Questions:
  1. Do you have experience with Law Library filing, which would include loose-leaf material and pocket part filing? If so, where did you acquire your experience.
  2. What is the highest level of education you have completed? Which field of study is this degree in and from which university did you graduate?
  3. Are you currently working? If not, when was your last day of employment?
  4. Can you please list why you left or why you are looking to leave your most recent employer?
  5. What is your "acceptable and "ideal base compensation for this position? We would like to make sure we don't price you out of consideration, but you know what the numbers are that you need (Please Do Not put negotiable)
  6. When would you be available to interview and start this position, if selected?
  7. If you currently do not live near the job location and the commute is too far for you, are you willing and able to relocate at your own expense?
  8. Do you require a visa sponsorship? If you currently have sponsorship, other than a TN visa, please state the type of sponsorship and when it will expire. Please give month and year. If you are able to receive extensions to the sponsorship, please note how many additional years. 
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