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Full Stack Consultant
Ref No.: 17-06537
Location: New York City, New York
Position Type:Direct Placement
Role: Full Stack Consultant
Location: New York, NY
Duration: Fulltime

Below are the details:
An ideal candidate is someone who enjoys working in a fast paced, collaborative environment. Someone that values "team” and leverages the opinions and expertise of their teammates to deliver working, quality code. Each individual values quality and pursues the proof of quality by consistently writing tests.
•Experience and practice using TDD to demonstrate functioning code that meets requirements
•Ability to work closely with other developers as part of a team or minimally, in a paired environment for 8 hours each day
•Strong communication skills and an ability to articulate technical vision while understanding business requirements. A conviction to ones implementation approach but not so unwavering that they cannot be swayed based on sound logic and feedback from their peers to see a "higher value " implementation.
•Knowledge of the cloud and deployment expectations and complexities. Developers should be capable of deploying application 'bits' to AWS or other similar cloud environment.
•DevOps promotes the collapse of different functions into one; QA, IT, Dev etc. As a result, each developer will have a working knowledge of Ruby, Linux OS commands and be equally comfortable at the command line as they are in the IDE.
•Strong understanding of programming patterns is important and required. The ideal candidate will know the Go programming language but where this skill is lacking, a deep understanding of programming patterns and demonstrable knowledge of Java will suffice. Our expectation is good foundational knowledge in a language such as Java will translate to Go when the syntax of the language is understood.
•Additionally, candidates could benefit from a working knowledge of Spring, Java and Bash. To be effective an experience with system administration, UNIX, process management, deployment technologies.
•Candidates will be agile practitioners, having achieved proficiency in agile methodologies through years of experimentation and learning. A demonstration of more than just the basics is required to be successful. Candidates should demonstrate a deep experience participating in standups/daily scrums, planning meetings, iteration retrospectives etc.