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Mainframe Network Engineer
Ref No.: 17-06508
Location: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Position Type:Contract
 Job Description:
Experience Required-
  • Senior Mainframe Systems Programmer/Engineer (z/OS, OS/390, MVS, z/VM, z/VSE). – Utilizing SMP/e to install products.
  • Senior Network Systems Programmer (SNA, VTAM/NCP, TCP/IP), Programmer Analyst (REXX, 360/370/390 ALC, COBOL, C, CICS Macro & Command Level).
  • Networking Systems programming (VTAM, NCP, TCP/IP, VTAM's USS tables) -- provided administration, installation (CBPDO), routine and preventive maintenance (using SMP/E), migration and customization of VTAM, NCP, NetView, CL/Suppersion, and TCP/IP (including UNIX System Services), BMC UltraOpt, A-NET on Mainframe systems under MVS (MVS(/ESA), OS/390, z/OS), VM(/ESA); provided routine and on-going all-level technical support and assistance in problem determination and resolution of VTAM, NCP, TCP/IP (VIPA, TN3270E, FTP/FTPS, PAGENT, SMTP, Firewall, DNS), UNIX System Services (USS), NJE, RJE, NPM, NDM (a.k.a. Connect: Direct), VPS, VPS TCP/IP (Socket Printing), VPS/DRS, NetView (including NetView automation), NetSpy, CL/Supersession, N Vision/TPX, LU 6.2, Cisco CIP 7500 & TN3270E, OSA-2, OSA-Express, IBM 3172's, IBM 3174's, IBM 3720's, IBM 3745's IBM Information Network (Advantis) & EDI connectivity; migrated NJE connections to SFTP connections; developed and implemented CMC host for a multi-domain SNI/SNA & APPN networks; provided configuration changes administration (e.g., NCPGEN, updates to VTAM major node, to TCP/IP and TN3270 profiles, PAGENT, etc.) to multi-domain SNI/SNA CMC & APPN medium to large international networks; provided technical support for cross-platform -- AS/400, AIX, OS/390, Win/NT/2000 -- file/data transmission (FTP/SFTP/FTPS, IND$FILE, NJE, NDM/Connect: Direct) problems determination and resolution; acted as liaison with IMS, DB2, CICS (and other subsystems) groups for network problem determination, problem source identification and problem resolution; participated in routine network disaster recovery testing; provided technical design of network plans for migration and relocation of data center; documented system procedures using Visio, MS Word, MS Excel; provided cross-training to support staff where and when appropriate and required by clients.
  • Security (RACF, TOP SECRET, ACF2) Systems programming and Administration -- provided administration, installation, routine and preventive maintenance (using SMP/E); provided routine SAF users/resources profiles administration for various systems (e.g., HTTP Server, CICS TS, DB2, TSO/E, MQSeries, Sysview, VM, z/VM, etc.); acted as liaison with other groups (CICS, DB2, and others) as to administer security policies as required under RACF/TOP SECRET/ACF2 rules and (User and Group) profiles as appropriate; provided administration of PKI and digital certificates for SSL/TLS for FTPS and HTTPS; provided migration of RACF, TSS r15 to z/OS V2.1 unique UID/GID OMVS environment; functioned as SCA to perform TSS' admim/user services; knowledgeable and proficient with TSS' CPF.
  • Communications Protocols -
    • SNA, LU6.2 (APPC), APPN, TCP/IP (SMTP, SSH, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, DNS, DHCP), TLS V1.2, IPX, ODI, NDIS, ATM, SDLC, X.25, Bisyn, Asyn, Token Ring LAN, Ethernet LAN.